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Happy Delight oil for a soft skin

An extraordinary woman, who combined a TV career with a job as presenter and journalist, as well as being a certified health coach and yoga fan!
"Thanks to Amanprana and Noble-House for their wonderful oils, teas, coconut sugar and coconut oils. They do not only have delicious products, they are also made with respect for man and nature. "

Martine Prenen, media personality and health coach

Happy Delight oil for a soft skin
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100 ml: € 17,95 - € 20,95 500 ml: € 39,95 - € 45,95

Happy Delight oil, with bio-dynamic oil of lime, lemon and orange. For a soft skin. Its fresh taste is ideal for children.

Okinawa Omega recovers the omega-3,6 balance. Use as much as you like. For him, for her, for baby and 100-year-old. With a spoon or in your meal. 1 teaspoon gives you sufficient alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. Okinawa Omega naturally contains a lot of vitamin E and carotenes to protect the omegas in our body against oxygen and heat. Shake before use. Do not heat.

How and how much should you consume? You can consume Okinawa Omega in unrestricted quantities. Day in and day out. Okinawa Omega is not a supplement but a smart food. You just need one teaspoon (5g) per day to meet the daily recommended amounts of ALA and LA. For optimal quantity and to make up for any shortfall you can take 1 to 2 dessertspoons per day. If you take a teaspoon every day and eat a healthy diet, you will be very healthy and will be getting the optimal quantities in good proportions. How to take it? Either by the spoonful, or in vegetable juice, yoghurt, in a dressing or added to any food. Only consume cold. Makes a perfect addition to potato purée or tomato sauce. For women, men, babies and centenarians.

Naturally contains lots of carotenes and vitamin E. Omega-3 and 6 are very sensitive oils pressed by Amanprana with great care. The result: very little peroxidation. In addition, Amanprana naturally contains lots of carotenes and vitamin E. These antioxidants and vitamins protect the oil against oxidation by light, oxygen and heat. Both in the bottle and in our bodies.

Ingredients Happy Delight, omega-3/6/6/9 and 7: 50% extra virgin sunflower oil*, 35% extra virgin linseed oil*, 10% extra virgin red palm oil* and 4.5% extra virgin wheat germ oil*. With 0.5% organic Happy Delight oil (=oil of the peel of bio-dynamic oranges, lemons and limes). And nothing more. Bovis 14.300, -40 Yin, GI 0

Available in 100 ml and 500 ml.

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