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Good olive oil might cost a few euros more, but it is not fatty or rancid to taste, instead being green and fruity. If you swallow it you get a raw feeling in your throat, thanks to the tanning agents it contains.

Just like bad fats can do bad things to your body, good fats can have beneficial effects. If you spend a little more on real cold pressed olive oil (extra virgin), you’ll be dipping your baguette into a balm that benefits your entire cardiovascular system.

Giulia Enders, Author of the German bestseller 'Darm mit charme’ (intestine with charm), p. 55

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500ml: € 18,95 - € 21,95

High-quality extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction from olives by mechanical means. Producer: Almazara Ecológica de la Rioja. 100% Arbequina.
Bovis 13,700, 10 Yang, GI 0.

Hermanos Catalán for your salads and cold dishes

La Rioja, SpainThe Catalán brothers produce, press and bottle everything themselves. The attainment of quality starts right from the olive trees, granted 36 sq m each, i.e. twice as much space than usual. As their hacienda stands in the middle of their olive plantation, the hand-picked crop is pressed within six hours of being harvested. The pressing process is solely mechanical, under gentle pressure and at less than 25°C. Upon settling in stainless steel tanks, the Amanprana olive oil is bottled, without filtering on demand, in dark glass bottles. Both the taste and the antioxidants are optimally preserved. The result is a very mild, harmonious olive oil with taste, very much of its soil. Recommended for use in cold dishes and sophisticated cuisine. Origin: La Rioja, Spain.

Hermanos Catalan won gold in 2010 and 2011 for the best qualitiy in organic extra virgin olive oil, with an incomparable taste.

Amanprana Hermanos Catalan extra virgin olive oil
Other extra virgin oils
max. 0,25
max. 0,80
max. 10
max. 20
max. 125ppm
max. 250ppm
K 270
max. 0,12
max. 0,20
min. 75%
min. 55%

Hermanos Catalan olive oil is organic certified

Hermanos Catalan extra virgin organic olive oil culinary and healthy prepare delicious organic meals with Hermanos Catalan organic olive oil