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Good olive oil might cost a few euros more, but it is not fatty or rancid to taste, instead being green and fruity. If you swallow it you get a raw feeling in your throat, thanks to the tanning agents it contains.

Just like bad fats can do bad things to your body, good fats can have beneficial effects. If you spend a little more on real cold pressed olive oil (extra virgin), you’ll be dipping your baguette into a balm that benefits your entire cardiovascular system.

Giulia Enders, Author of the German bestseller 'Darm mit charme’ (intestine with charm), p. 55

label / nutritional value

0,75L: € 18,95 - € 21,95

Extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Obtained directly from the olives by mechanical means. Made from organically cultivated olives and harvested on the sun-drenched hills of the Sierra Mágina National Park, Andalucia, Southern Spain. Cold pressed (max. 27 °C).

per 100g: Vit.E >10mg • B-sito-, campe-, stigna-sterols >150mg • polyfenols incl. flavones >250mg • squalene > 400mg • CO-Q10 >0,20mg • chlorofyl, lecithin • S.F.A. <15% • P.U.F.A. <8% No trans fat/No GMO/No Plastics

The quality of Verde Salud is in writing (black on white) on the bottle.
For baking, roasting and wok.

Andalucia, South of SpainIf you choose 'extra virgin' olive oil, you know you're getting the best quality olive oil money can buy. Extra virgin olive oils have, by law, to meet specific Euro-wide criteria. However, the qualities of two extra virgin brands can be as different as chalk and cheese! Foe example, Verde Salud contains 4 times less free fatty acids (acidity), is 3 times less oxidized and contains 5 times as less wax as the European quality limits for extra virgin. In addition to this, Verde Salud contains a lot of vitamin E for a good circulation, cholesterol-reducing plant sterols, vasoprotective polyphenols, heart-protective squalene and heart-strengthening Co-Q10, revitalizing chlorophyll and lecithin for improved cognitive function. Furthermore, Verde Salud contains at least 77% monounsaturated fatty acids and is exclusively obtained by a mechanical first cold pressing at max. 27°C. Sourced from a national park in Andalucia (This oil is DOP certificated.). Thanks to the unusually high quality of Verde Salud, it can withstand frying temperatures higher than 180°C. Poorer quality extra virgins won't tolerate temperatures above 135°C. Many people think that extra virgin shouldn't be used for shallow- or wok-frying. But that's not true. For one thing, you can only achieve a delicious meal if you use tasty ingredients. And, for another, ordinary olive oil (i.e. refined olive oil) contains a lot more "bad" free fatty acids and wax while having very little (or no) healthy nutrients. In other words, it contains more "bad" things than "good". So insist on extra virgin olive oils. They come distinctively packed in dark green bottles (as air, heat, and light will cause olive oil to turn rancid).

The quality of Verde Salud is in writing (black on white) on the bottle.

Why is it the finest quality? Verde Salud Extra Virgin Other Extra Virgins
free acidity (in terms of oleic acid, g/100g) max. 0,20 max. 0,80
lipuid peroxidation max. 6 max. 20
wax max. 50 ppm max. 250 ppm
K 270 max. 0,15 max. 0,20
M.U.F.A. min. 77% min. 55%


Verde Salud extra virgin organic olive oil is organic certified

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