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Protect yourself from heart disease and heart attacks with a daily dose of extra virgin olive oil

Good olive oil might cost a few euros more, but it is not fatty or rancid to taste, instead being green and fruity. If you swallow it you get a raw feeling in your throat, thanks to the tanning agents it contains.

Just like bad fats can do bad things to your body, good fats can have beneficial effects. If you spend a little more on real cold pressed olive oil (extra virgin), you’ll be dipping your baguette into a balm that benefits your entire cardiovascular system.

Giulia Enders, Author of the German bestseller 'Darm mit charme’ (intestine with charm), p. 55

Extra virgin olive oil is your heart's best friend, according to two universities

Improve your heart health with a daily dose of olive oil. Researchers at the Universities of Glasgow and Lisbon, in collaboration with Mosaiques Diagnostics in Germany, have demonstrated that extra virgin olive oil can improve your health. Olive oil is a central ingredient in a Mediterranean diet. According to the FDA (the American Food and Drug Administration) and the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), the phenols and monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil help it to protect your heart and blood vessels.

Proteomic research by two universities found that olive oil
is good for the heart.

Cholesterol is not an indicator of heart and vascular disease.

69 people were screened over a period of six weeks and various parameters were tested (CAD, CKD and peptides). In this proteomic study (a study about proteins), the researchers found that biomarkers could detect the presence of a disease before symptoms appeared.

It's the first time that the link between fat and health has been investigated on such a large scale. The effect of olive oil is also visible in the biomarkers: they show when the risk of heart and vascular disease has disappeared. This makes olive oil the first food which has been demonstrated by proteomic research to be instrumental in preventing and fighting heart disease.

Dr Emilie Combet of Glasgow University said this was the first time this technique had been used to investigate whether a specific food has a beneficial effect on health. ‘Our research shows that consuming olive oil improves these signals and thus the chance of preventing heart disease. This means that before the disease becomes problematic, we can treat it in a perfectly ordinary way – with good nutrition.’

Your cholesterol levels only tell you whether you have a higher risk of heart and vascular disease. Cholesterol can't tell you whether or not you actually have heart or vascular disease; but proteomic research can.

Conclusion of this academic study of olive oil:

If people replace a portion of their fat intake with extra virgin olive oil, they could reduce their chances of developing heart and vascular disease.

A note from Amanprana about olive oil:

Be good to your heart - regularly use Hermanos Catalán extra virgin olive oil or Verde Salud extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil from Amanprana is the very best olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, coenzyme Q10, sterols, squalene, chlorophyll, lecithin and more.

Verde Salud
Verde Salud
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Hermanos Catalan
Hermanos Catalan
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Protect yourself from heart disease and heart attacks with a daily dose of extra virgin olive oil