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Instructions: how to use Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfood consommé – instant bouillon

Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé as an instant bouillon

Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfood Consommé is extremely versatile. You can simply use it as an instant bouillon or add the consommés to your dishes, such as a soup, sauce, tea, smoothies or anything else. Vitamin D2 + Superfood Consommés add flavour, flavour with a great bonus – health.

What are Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfood Consommés?

Vitamin D2 + Superfood Consommés contain Agaricus mushroom and are packed with vitamin D. It’s a delicious and refined flavour that gives depth to any meal. Aside from the Agaricus mushroom, the Amanprana consommés also contain superfood, including Amanprana ORAC Botanico Mix (which contains herbs with the highest antioxidant levels), baobab, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and almond flour. It provides a delicious and mildly spicy flavour that is full of strength. Aside from our standard consommé we also have one with added saffron. The vitamin D variety with saffron gives you wings.

Using the Vitamin D2 + Superfood Consommés as instant bouillon

The easiest way to use the Vitamin D2 + Superfood consommés is as an instant bouillon. Mix half teaspoon (1g) of Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfood Consommé in half a cup of warm water. Stir well, sit back and savour the vitamin D from the Agaricus mushroom together with the traditional superfoods.

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Vitamin D consommé
Vitamin D consommé
  • Increases your resistance
  • Combats joint pains
  • Boosts your immune system and gives you energy
  • Vitamin D has a major impact on calcium absorption, helping to give you strong bones
  • It is a powerful natural antidepressant, especially the one containing saffron, and is perfect for treating the winter blues
  • Combats fatigue
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Use Amanprana vitamin D according to the instructions for good health