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Vitamin D deficiency: what are the causes of a vitamin D deficiency and its symptoms?

Vitamin D deficiency can have multiple causes and symptoms

Of the population of Europe, 70% suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which is a serious problem when one considers that it is an essential vitamin. It protects our bodies against a wide range of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. But it is a sad fact that a large proportion of people in Europe have a significant vitamin D deficiency. So it won’t do any harm to take a look at how that deficiency came about and, of course, what can be done about it.

Vitamin D deficiency – the causes

There can be different reasons for a vitamin D deficiency:

Vitamin D deficiency as a result of diet

Your diet contributes to your vitamin D deficiency, although it is not the prime cause. If you follow a strict diet like vegans and vegetarians do, then you have a greater chance of suffering from vitamin D deficiency because the vitamin is commonly found in animal products like fish, cheese, milk and egg yolks. But we should eat less fish – or cut it out entirely – due to overfishing and the heavy metals and endocrine disruptors found in fish.

Sunlight deficiency

A vitamin D deficiency can be due to a sunlight deficiency. Some 80% to 90% of our vitamin D is manufactured through exposure to sunlight. You can suffer a deficiency when the days are overcast, when you wear covering clothing, if you often wear headgear or if you simply don’t enjoy being in the sun.

Vitamin D deficiency as a result of gastrointestinal issues

The way in which our bodies absorb fat is crucial when it comes to absorbing vitamin D. Gastrointestinal issues are often linked to reduced fat absorption.

Suntan lotion

Suntan lotions reduce the absorption of vitamin D through your skin. Vitamin D is only manufactured if your skin is unprotected.

Vitamin D deficiency if your skin is dark

If your skin is very pigmented then you may not be able to manufacture sufficient vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency in the event of kidney failure

Inactive vitamin D is converted by your kidneys into active vitamin D. If your kidneys are not as active as they should be, then you are in danger of suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. 

Symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency

A serious vitamin D deficiency could not only lead to brittle bones and teeth and painful muscles, it could also cause issues that are much more serious than you may think. Memory problems, depression, Alzheimer’s, asthma and cancer are all possible consequences of a long-term vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D and the winter blues and depression

Adults will certainly notice the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency during the winter months. Aside from physical symptoms, your mood could also change due to a vitamin D deficiency.

The winter blues, seasonal affective disorders and reduced resistance are all symptoms of this. That means that it is especially wise to be on the lookout for vitamin D deficiency. Amanprana has created its Vitamin D2 + Saffron + Superfoods especially for people who suffer from the winter blues or depression. Over and above the standard ingredients, it also contains additional saffron, which improves your mood.

What can you do to stop a vitamin D deficiency?

We recommend that you spend 10 to 15 minutes in the sun without suntan lotion so that the sun’s rays can have a maximum effect. If you live in an area where the sun does not appear frequently and you stick to a healthy and varied diet, you could still suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

Only you can do something about it – tackle the cause and ensure that your vitamin D intake is optimised. It is important to give yourself a regular boost by keeping an eye on your diet. Make sure you get extra vitamin D by taking a healthy dose of Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé.

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Vitamin D consommé
Vitamin D consommé
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