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What contains vitamin D in? You can get vitamin D from your food. Use Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé

Plant-derived vitamin D in Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé

What is vitamin D? What is vitamin D2?

There are actually two different types of vitamin D: cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) and ergocalciferol (vitamin D2). The former is produced in your skin and is naturally occurring in a number of foodstuffs. Here we will discuss obtaining vitamin D from the sun and vitamin D from your food.

A vitamin D deficiency – some foods contain vitamin D

Which foods contain high levels of vitamin D? Vegetarians and vegans will struggle…

One of the primary sources of vitamin D is fatty fish, which means vegetarians and vegans cannot use this source of vitamin D at all. However, vitamin D is now being added to a range of foodstuffs, including semi-margarines, margarines and baking and frying products (butter). It is also often added to infant formula and other high-fat dairy products.

When a foodstuff contains vitamin D the amount is expressed in micrograms of ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) or micrograms of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). The quantity of international units (IU) is often also stated, with 40 IU being equal to 1 microgram.


Foodstuff IU UG
Fatty fish    
Cod liver oil 10000 250
Trout 759 18,975
Salmon 600 15
Swordfish 561 14,025
Mackerel 388 9,7
Sardine 161 4,025
Herring 179 4,475
Sole 227 5,675
Eggs (2) 87 2,175
Pork 28 0,7
Beef 5 0,1
Amanprana Agaricus 500000 12500
Jew's ear 16000 400
Maitake 446 11,15
Chanterelle 114 2,85
Oyster mushroom 24 0,6
Portobello mushroom 5 0,125


A plant source: mushrooms are full of vitamin D for vegetarians and vegans

In general there is insufficient vitamin D in our diets, with just a few exceptions. Mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamin D as they contain ergosterol, which, when exposed to enough UV light, can be converted into ergocalciferol, or vitamin D2. Mushrooms are the only plant that can serve as a source of vitamin D.

Amanprana’s Agaricus mushroom is packed with vitamin D, and the Aztecs rightly called it the ‘flesh of God’. Amanprana has included this mushroom in its Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé. But it it’s not just any old Agaricus – Amanprana has used the mushroom with the greatest amount of vitamin D.

What contains vitamin D in? Tanning
Sun provides vitamin D

70% of people in Europe suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. And this while vitamin D is one of the most important and essential vitamins for your health. A vitamin D deficiency leads to a range of symptoms of ill health, such as brittle bones, depression, loss of a sense of balance, weakened muscles, a disrupted immune system and many, many more issues. So, in a nutshell, prevent yourself suffering a vitamin D deficiency. Did you know that you can get vitamin D from the sun? When you expose your body to the sun’s UV rays, your skin produces vitamin D.


The causes of vitamin D deficiency – insufficient exposure to the sun and not enough tanning

We are all stuck behind closed doors too much, or at least indoors. Our working hours – especially in winter – mean that we are hardly ever outside when the sun shines. We have moved too much of our lives indoors, which means that our vitamin D production is under threat.

Aside from the sun, there are other issues that play a role in vitamin D deficiency

Aside from the amount of sunlight that we are exposed to there are a number of other factors that influence the amount of vitamin D we have. For example, it is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it is dependent on your body’s fat content. And if your skin is darker, you need more active sunlight than people with lighter skin, while vitamin D production decreases among older people as their skin structure changes. This is because they are not exposed to sunlight as frequently and they often wear more clothing, exposing less of their skin to the sun.

Will I get vitamin D from sunbeds?

Because the sun plays such a large role in determining your vitamin D levels, and you don’t always have the opportunity to expose yourself to it, you are of course curious whether you can produce vitamin D using a sunbed.

A sunbed filters out a large amount of the UVB rays, which you need to produce vitamin D, because a part of the UV spectrum can also cause you to burn red and cause skin cancer. When using a tanning lamp or lamps used for light therapy, these rays are not filtered out. But vitamin D production is still greatly overestimated for these devices, and is certainly not a reason to use a sunbed.

How to solve your vitamin D deficiency. Use Amanprana Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé

It would be best to enjoy the sun more, and that is the healthiest option. But unfortunately many of us don’t have the time to grab a few rays during working hours. And of course weather is not always permitting… so what do you do then?

Amanprana has created its Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé especially for this reason. Available in two varieties, one of which is enriched with saffron, which improves your mood. The consommés are packed with vitamin D, chitin, digestive enzymes and beta-glucan, a polysaccharide. When you are unable to clock up your tanning hours, then drink a delicious plant-based Amanprana vitamin D2 consommé.

So what else does our Vitamin D2 + Superfoods Consommé contain? The Amanprana Agaricus mushroom – a great source of vitamin D – as well as superfoods such as baobab, gingko biloba and guarana.

Would you like to know more? Research into vitamin D and the sources used

Vitamin D consommé
Vitamin D consommé
  • Increases your resistance
  • Combats joint pains
  • Boosts your immune system and gives you energy
  • Vitamin D has a major impact on calcium absorption, helping to give you strong bones
  • It is a powerful natural antidepressant, especially the one containing saffron, and is perfect for treating the winter blues
  • Combats fatigue
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