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Download the free Ebook about Amanprana Cocos+Olive+Red palm. Includes 7 recipes with the mix of coconut oil, olive oil and red palm oil

Ebook Cocos+Olive+Red Palm

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In this Ebook we want to show you how easily margarine can be replaced by a much healthier option: the Amanprana Cocos+Olive+Red Palm from Amanprana. This mix contains the best of three worlds: coconut oil from Sri Lanka, olive oil from Spain and red palm oil from Colombia.

Are you ready to start living a healthier lifestyle? Then give up margarine and use Amanprana's Cocos+Olive+Red Palm

Amanprana's extra virgin oil mix: coconut oil, olive oil, red palm oilDiscover Amanprana's healthy fats in this free Ebook


Healthy fats are important. We cannot live without them. Previously we thought that fat was unhealthy for us, but nothing is further from the truth. Read in this Ebook about coconut oil, olive oil and red palm oil and look at the many advantages it has. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, you're better off choosing pure products. All Amanprana's products like the Cocos+Olive+Red Palm, are 100% Bio products and 100% natural.

Recipes with coconut oil , olive oil and red palm oil with the Amanprana Cocos+Olive+Red Palm

We have assembled 7 delicious recipes for you so that we can show you how versatile the Amanprana oil mix is. We have a delicious raw carrot soup, chips made from purple potatoes, and lasagna made from green and white asparagus. You will notice that the flavor combination of the Cocos+Olive+Red Palm will never bore you and it will always be useful.

Discover here more Amanprana recipes

Download and read the Amanprana Cocos+Olive+Red Palm Ebook on tablet, smartphone

Coconut+olive+palm oil
Coconut+olive+palm oil
  • Rich in carotenes an 7 types of vitamin E
  • The first ever extra virgin cold-pressed margarine
  • Healthy baking, frying and stir-frying or as spread
  • Spreadable straight from the fridge
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The coconuts from which coconut oil is derived Coconut oil is made by breaking coconut