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Mamilla nipple fissure balm and nipple fissure oil for treating breast infections (mastitis) or breast pain (mastodynia) when breastfeeding

Prevent breast infections by using Mamilla

A breast infection (mastitis) or breast pain (mastodynia) can cause a great deal of pain and often comes together with a fever and a flu-like feeling. There can be various causes and it is important to find out what the reason is. It could be due to fatigue or stress, excessive milk, engorgement or a blocked milk canal, although it can also be due to fissures, thrush or another form of damage to your nipples. In that event it is crucial you treat the problem properly.

When bacteria or dirt gets in through the open fissures or any other damaged skin, a breast infection can arise that emerges as an abscess. In that case, antibiotics or Phytolacca is generally prescribed, but that's not the best solution.

Antibiotics to stop a breast infection or breast pain

Antibiotics are certainly not the answer, as they kill both the bad and the good bacteria, unbalancing the defence mechanisms of our bodies.

Mamilla nipple fissure balm and nipple fissure oil for preventing and treating a breast infection

Mamilla nipple fissure balm and nipple fissure oil contain natural antibacterial, healing and cleansing properties. The oil absorbs dirt, so that when you rub it into your breast, nipple and areola, your skin will stay free of dirt.

The antibacterial properties kill the bacteria that could enter your body through open wounds or damaged skin, while the chamomile essential oil has healing and skin-restorative properties that can repair damaged skin, wounds and fissures.

When you use Mamilla you can prevent breast infections that are caused by dirt and bacteria and treat and cure any breast infection already present if it is due to damaged skin, wounds or fissures.

  • Breastfeed with love
  • Safe for mother and child
  • For painful nipples
  • Prevent and treat nipple fissures
  • Prevent and treat thrush
  • Comes in a glass jar, UV-protected
  • For breast infections
  • Active ingredients
  • 100% natural, vegetal and 100% organic – no poisonous substances
  • Created with expertise and love
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If you’re suffering from a breast infection, mastitis or phytolacca, then use Mamilla nipple fissure balm or nipple fissure oil Use Amanprana’s Mamilla when suffering from a breast infection or mastodynia