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Mamilla is free of lanolin (wool grease) and Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

The ingredients of Mamilla nipple fissure ointment and nipple fissure balm

A common gift for new parents is a selection of bodycare products, including ointment for treating nipple fissures. Lansinoh and Purelan are the most common of these, but when you apply them a layer is left behind, which means your skin can't breathe. They also keep your nipples moist, which can encourage nipple fissures and painful nipples and consequently stop them from healing. Don't use them - use Mamilla instead.

Lanolin (wool grease) might heal your skin but can also cause allergic reactions

Lanolin (wool grease)Lanolin (wool grease) is a natural product that is made using sheep wool and comes from the secretions of the sebaceous glands. It is a complex mixture of alcohols and fatty acids that is used in various cosmetics, including lip balms, shaving creams, hair products and nursing creams.

While it is often lauded as being highly effective for softening and healing chapped skin, lanolin often contains pesticides from the wool, which is drenched with chemicals to get rid of parasites. This sebum is extracted from the wool, cleaned and refined until it is anhydrous lanolin, which contains three components: wool alcohol, fatty alcohol and fatty acids. Wool alcohol is not only found in balms, creams and cosmetics, but also in soaps and oily gauze for dressing wounds. Lanolin can cause allergic reactions, which is why an increasing number of chemically modified versions and purified lanolin extracts are used, which are not as allergenic.

100% lanolin in Lansinoh or PureLan does not deal with the cause of nipple fissures or a bacterial infection

DOn't use Lansinoh to treat nipple fissures or painful nipples Don't use PureLan-100 to treat nipple fissures or painful nipples Lansinoh and PureLan contain no antibacterial, antiviral or antifungal ingredients, which are important when it comes to protecting your nipples and areolas, especially when you suffer from fissures or wounds when breastfeeding. Lanolin (wool grease) adheres to the skin and is not always pleasant to apply. Your nipples are weakened, making them more fragile and susceptible to nipple fissures and wounds.

Vaseline (petroleum jelly) won't help to cure nipple fissures or painful nipples either

Vaseline contains petroleum jellyVaseline (petroleum jelly) is by-product of the oil industry and is used in the medical and cosmetics industries. It is characteristic for not being drawn into the skin, but stays on its surface and seals it. This means that your skin cannot breathe.

As a medical application Vaseline is used to cover the skin if eczema, burn wounds or extremely dry skin are at issue, among other things. But given that Vaseline does not heal or relieve these issues, and the skin is unable to sweat in a natural manner, the problem is not solved and fissures are unable to heal. Your nipples will stay weak and fragile and it could even exacerbate nipple fissures.

Mamilla is free of lanolin and Vaseline; it only contains 100% natural and active ingredients

Mamilla contains 100% vegetal ingredients that restore, heal, care for and protect your skin when you breastfeed. Mamilla nipple fissure balm and nipple fissure oil can protect from deep under your skin and subtly care for it without posing a hazard to you or your child. Thanks to Mamilla both you and your child can enjoy nursing in a healthy and tranquil manner. Mamilla is free of wool grease and petroleum jelly, as they cover the skin and offer nothing whatsoever when it comes to caring for or healing your skin.

  • Breastfeed with love
  • Safe for mother and child
  • For painful nipples
  • Prevent and treat nipple fissures
  • Prevent and treat thrush
  • Comes in a glass jar, UV-protected
  • For breast infections
  • Active ingredients
  • 100% natural, vegetal and 100% organic – no poisonous substances
  • Created with expertise and love
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Don’t use Vaseline or Lanoline, use Mamilla when breastfeeding Avoid petrolatum, lanolin and Lansinoh: use Mamilla