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Drugs such as aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen or mouthwashes like Listerine or Oral-B do not help ear and tooth issues. Use Oral & Auris

When we go on holiday, I always take Oral & Auris with me. The children are in the swimmingpool all day and often suffer from an earache. With Oral & Auris this pain disappears even before it becomes an inflammation. What I appreciate very much is that there are no chemicals in it.

Karin E.

Avoid mouthwash, paracetamol and ibuprofen, choose Oral & Auris

Unfortunately, doctors are often all too quick to prescribe medicine or antibiotics for toothache, earache, infections or other mouth or ear issues.

Ibuprofen, paracetamol, dafalgan or aspirin are the most common drugs

Aspirin, ibuprofen and dafalgan are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – substances (that are cortisone free) which constitute a basic treatment for rheumatic diseases. They limit the pain and control the infection. One should limit taking these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as much as possible to periods when the worst pain is suffered. This is because over the long-term NSAIDs can harm the digestive tract (stomach ulcers) or the kidneys. They are prescribed for dealing with the pain or soothing the inflammation, but they do not tackle the cause.

Ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin, dafalgan

Paracetamol is a mild painkiller but not an anti-inflammatory

In other words, the drug cures moderate pain but the cause continues. Paracetamol is regarded as safe and harmless, but not everything is as it seems. Paracetamol acts as a painkiller and lowers fevers and contains substances that widen the blood vessels and makes nerve ends more sensitive to pain stimuli. Paracetamol has many side effects, including rashes, kidney and liver damage, anaemia, throat and headaches and many others.

Aspirin thins the blood, so it is not recommended for infected or bleeding gums

Aspirin is the biggest painkiller of choice. It reduces fever and acts as a painkiller.
But when taken together with other drugs, aspirin can cause problems, with side effects including stomach irritation, stomach ulcers, tinnitus or deafness.

Antibiotics only kill bacteria, not fungi or viruses

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, but frequent or long-term use can lead to resistance to bacteria. Moreover, one must complete an antibiotic treatment in full to eliminate all harmful bacteria. When you take antibiotics they act against all bacteria, both good and bad, which means that the fact that good bacteria is also killed weakens your immune system. There are many side effects that can arise when you take antibiotics, including stomach ache, nausea, diarrhoea, skin problems, fever, headache, etc.

Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

It is a substance (that is cortisone free) which constitutes a basic treatment for rheumatic diseases, restricting pain and controlling the inflammation. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs must be limited as much as possible to surges of pain. This is because over the long-term NSAIDs can harm the digestive tract (stomach ulcers) or the kidneys.

Oral & Auris does not contain any drug but still works effectively thanks to its effective ingredients as a natural antibiotic

Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients, Oral & Auris is active deep beneath the skin in combating or arresting the growth of bacteria and fungi. This means that not just the pain and infection are eliminated, but the cause of many problems too. Oral & Auris tackles toothache and earache in a 100% natural and healthy manner without damaging or taxing your body.

And Oral & Auris does not contain any chemical preservatives or solvents that can harm your body either. The natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and specific others, are able to preserve the product properly thanks to their natural antibacterial properties. The fact that it is packaged in ultraviolet glass also extends the shelf life and ensures it is stably preserved and the ingredients are activated.

Rinse your mouth out the healthy way! Rinsing your mouth or oil pulling is best done with mouth oil

Use Oral & Auris together with Menta and Foeniculum mouth oil for total oral hygiene.

For good mouth hygiene, daily use of Amanprana’s mouth oils are a perfect and healthy choice with many benefits. They contribute to a healthy and complete oral hygiene. When symptoms of an infection do occur in your oral cavity then these mouth oils are perfect together with Oral & Auris for further relief without any harmful or unpleasant side-effects.                                                                                                                                              

Oral & Auris together with Menta of Foeniculum mouth oil are effective for total oral hygiene. Perfect for treating general issues in your oral cavity as well as pain

Apply Oral & Auris to the problem area and also use Menta or Foeniculum mouth oil in the morning and evening after brushing your teeth or as necessary.

Oral & Auris tooth oil is 100% natural, body-friendly and effective. It can be used preventively after surgery to stop inflammation or infections or to alleviate general problems in your oral cavity.

Oral & Auris
Oral & Auris
  • Softens and protects mouth ulcers, tooth ache and ear
  • Small and handy
  • natural Remedy
  • Helps with inflamed gums, ear infection, ear pain, tinnitus ..
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Don't use Listerine or mouthwash, use Oral & Auris Pack Oral & Auris when travelling instead of paracetamol or ibuprofen Don't use mouthwash or honey, use Oral & Auris to relieve the pain