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Rudolf! For free breathing and chapped nose from a cold. Coconut oil and divers essential oils from herbs the ideal ingredients

So far it has been a great product, especially the fact that it does not leave behind a greasy layer after applying it! It's also got a lovely fresh scent, while the packaging is just great.

Sofie De Middelaer, Blogger at www.practicallypure.com and www.tussendromenenleven.be
:  Breathe freely with Rudolf! herbal balm

A shortness of breath throws you out of balance? There is Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm. Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm helps you to breathe freely. Do mental stress, too much emotion or a cold disrupt your breathing? Use a bit of Rudolf! herbal balm. You will immediately experience the welcome and refreshing sensation. Coconut oil and carnauba wax are the basis. The essential oil in among others eucalyptol and in the  eucalyptus oil have a relaxing effect on the muscles (spasmolytic functioning). As soon as your muscles are completely relaxed, you can easily get back into a  regular breathing rhythm.

Rudolf! Load-bearing  oil Amanprana coconut oil and carnauba wax, both mild for colds and chapped nose

Extra virgin, biological Coconut oil, smoothing and softening for chapped nose

Coconut oil ideal for cold and chapped noseCoconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) is recovered from the flesh of the coconut and, as a component of Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm, it has a softening and smoothing effect on your skin. Just what you need when a cold  dries out and chaps the skin around your nose.

Biological carnauba wax, nursing and soft, gives Rudolf! herbal balm its texture

Rudolf! herbal balm by Amanprana contains carnauba wax, which is soft and nursing and gives the herbal balm its textureCarnauba wax is called the queen of the waxes. It is being extracted from the yellow brownish leaves of the carnauba palm (the Copernicia Cerifera): the wax is literally beaten out of the leaves. Carnauba wax is an important ingredient in cosmetics; in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm it has, next to a nursing feature, also the task of ensure the solid texture of the balm.

The essential oil in Amanprana Rudolf! Only organic essential oil really works, 100% BIO

Equally important: Rudolf! herbal balm exclusively contains essential and biological oils that really work and are produced from real plants – as opposed to synthetic oils, which often are a composition of isolated and artificially imitated odor molecules from a chemical laboratory. In Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm the components menthol and eucalyptol are inherent to the essential oils. They are, in other words, not isolates of synthetic imitations. They really work, and they stimulate your health.

Biological camphor (Ravintsara): cools and soothes, antiviral and antibacterial

The essential oil of Camphor in Rudolf! herbal balm, cools and warmsCamphor is a component of Ravintsara (Cinnamomum Camphora), an ingredient which our grandmothers would have in the house in case of weakness; they used to call it ‘smelling salts’. Originating from Asia, this natural remedy is recovered from the wood of the wintergreen camphor tree. Ravintsara in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm has a twofold effect: it cools and warms at the same time, thus creating a balance. Camphor also has an anti-inflammatory effect, antiviral and antibacterial. An excellent essential oil when you feel a cold coming up or you experience flu-like symptoms.

Biological wintergreen: good for muscles and joints

The essential oil from the Biological Wintergreen in Rudolf good for muscles and jointsWintergreen (Gaultheria Fragrantissima) is a perennial, evergreen plant, hence the name. Wintergreen is found at the foot of the Nepalese Himalaya. The plant has white flowers that later become red berries, and green leaves that feel firm as leather. The essential oil is distilled from the leaves, and has a very specific and recognizable woody, fruity smell. Due to the natural presence of Methyl salicylate (up to 98% in the oil) Wintergreen in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm can also be used for muscles and joints. The oil is also used (highly diluted) in toothpastes, chewing gum and the famous Coca Cola.

Biological eucalyptus: soothes, refreshes and works well in case of clogged nose

The essential oil in biological eucalyptus alleviates clogged nose. Which makes Rudolf! idealThe leaf of the blue gum de Eucalyptus Globulus, produces an essential oil which would already be used by the Aboriginals in the treatment of fever. Eucalyptus oil in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm soothes, refreshes and cools and is particularly suitable for respiratory tract problems, ensuring free breathing. The cooling properties earned it the nickname ‘fever tree’.

Biological thyme: against cold, headache, has disinfecting effect

 The essential oil in thyme is effective against colds, headache, migraine, ideal in the Amanprana herbal balm Rudolf!Since ancient times, Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) has been used for medicinal purposes. The essential oil is recovered from the flowering plants. Thyme is also a remedy against colds, headaches and migraine. The herb in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm reinforces the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect on respiratory infections. Should the cold cause muscle problems, thyme will equally alleviate.

Biological field mint: against cold and respiratory problems

The Biological essential oil in field mint is an ideal type of mint rich in menthol, ideal against headache and respiratory problemsField mint (Mentha Arvensis) is a type of mint which is extremely rich in menthol. While the crushed leaves of the plant are put on the forehead to alleviate the nervous headaches, the essential oil in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm can be used against respiratory problems and colds.

Biological sage: against flu, coughs and cold

 The essential oil from sage in Rudolf! herbal balm is ideal against flu, cough and coldSage (Salvia Lavandulifolia) in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm is historically regarded as a miracle cure because it has so many good properties. In aromatherapy it is used against a whole series of complaints, including cold, flu, coughs, bronchitis and other chronic respiratory infections. It is in many cases associated with thyme, which makes it, just like wintergreen, very suitable for muscles and joints.

Biological Cedar: suited for soft skin and against colds

 the essential oil from cedar in Rudolf! by Amanprana effective against coughs and coldsThe Atlas cedar (Cedrus Atlantica) grows in the mountains of Morocco and is the only cedar oil that should be used in aromatherapy. The bark of the tree yields an essential oil with a sweet, woody fragrance. The oil is very skin-friendly, a property that is due to the high content of Sesquiterpenes (Cadinene, a substance of this essential oil). The cedar in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm is (among other things) used for cold and cough.

Biological peppermint: purifies, antiseptic and antibacterial

The essential oil of peppermintMentha Piperita (Peppermint) in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm is also rich in the compound menthol, which calms the nervous system, invigorates the heart and purifies the blood, thanks to the antiseptic and antibacterial effect. Peppermint is used against fever, cold, sinusitis, migraines, fatigue and nausea. It also has a cooling and relaxing effect.

Biological clove: soothes the pain, antibacterial and against viruses

The essential oil of clove is ideal in the essential oil of Rudolf!, antibacterial and against virusesThe essential oil of clove is a great first-aid-tool. Besides, the essential oil  is not recovered from the ‘bud’, but from the flowers themselves, which first flourish from the buds before the clove hardens. Clove has a slight analgesic effect (soothes pain) and is strongly antibacterial and can be used for colds and other viruses. The clove in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm will also chase the nausea you experience when you have a cold.

Biological cinnamon: gives warmth and energy

The essential oil of cinnamon gives warmth and energy and has antibacterial properties in Rudolf!A little cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum bark oil) immediately sends warmth and energy through your body. The cinnamon in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm has a powerful antibacterial effect. Together with the warming and reinvigorating property of the essential oil, it is a powerful ally in the battle against colds or flu.

  • Refreshes and opens blocked nose quickly and effectively
  • Small and convenient
  • natural Remedy
  • Helps with poor sleep, snoring and sleep apnea
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Rudolf! take it with you in case of cold, clogged nose, flu Breathe freely with a mix of coconut oil and essential oils Sleep, counter sleep apnea and  snoring with Rudolf! Rudolf!, ideal mix of coconut oil and essential oil