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Cold, rhinitis or flu? Rudolf! Will rescue you

So far it has been a great product, especially the fact that it does not leave behind a greasy layer after applying it! It's also got a lovely fresh scent, while the packaging is just great.

Sofie De Middelaer, Blogger at www.practicallypure.com and www.tussendromenenleven.be
Rudolf! Ideal against symptoms of flu, rhinitis or cold

In case of a physical cause, for instance a cold,  you can ‘deploy’ Amanprana Rudolf!. The balm will clear the respiratory tract. Do you have a fever, Rudolf! has a cooling effect. The components eucalyptol and menthol (which you find in the oils of ravintsara, eucalyptus, field mint and peppermint) are classics in the struggle against colds and respiratory afflictions.

These oils also have antiseptic actions – they prevent the development of bacteria. The menthol component (which you find in the oil of field mint and peppermint) widens the blood vessels, which has a cooling effect on your body and helps to clear a heavy, drowsy head.

Each time you inhale through your nose, the hairs in your nose will filter out the dust particles, bacteria and germs. They are among others retained in a thin layer of slime in your respiratory tract. A thin layer of slime is normal; too much slime however, like when you’re having a cold, is harmful: it clogs your respiratory tract.

Why Rudolf! Is perfect against cold of rhinitis

The peppermint in Rudolf! is perfect against a cold or rhinitis The menthol component in the field mint and in the peppermint will counter a clogged nose. The ravintsara and eucalyptus oils loosen the excess slime and drain it. Amanprana Rudolf! Will help you to breathe more freely. The essential oils in eucalyptus, ravintsara, field mint, peppermint, thyme, sage and cedar alleviate, refresh, cool and  disinfect your respiratory tract. Clove and peppermint counter the nausea you experience during a cold.

Apply Rudolf! Herbal balm above your upper lip, on your chest, your neck or on your upper back, between your shoulder blades and breathe freely!

Avoid colds. What to do against colds? Use Rudolf!

A snotty nose, coughing, not feeling well, feeling shivery or feeling overheated: they might all be symptoms of a cold. If you yourself don’t have a cold yet, your enemies are the saliva and mucus of your fellow man! That is where most viruses that cause colds settle.
One way of countering this, is not give the viruses a chance. Rudolf! Makes sure your mucus and snot will drain easier, as a result a virus gets less chances of breaking out. Rudolf! Alleviates and makes life very difficult for the viruses.

Flu? Alleviate your flu symptoms with Rudolf!

The influenza virus causes flu. There’s a real psychosis of fear about getting the flu. Some people can indeed become seriously ill; additional bacterial infections are a realistic danger. That is why many people get themselves vaccinated on a yearly basis.

Flu is very contagious; the  virus easily spreads during not too cold, damp and misty weather. Whoever catches the flu, poses a serious contagion risk for others during the first 48 hours. Flu comes with all kinds of symptoms. With some people, the flu causes an additional infection of the respiratory tract. If that infection finds its way down, pneumonia can follow. There’s not much to do against flu. Except for isolating yourself from others during the first 48 hours, rest a lot and try to alleviate your pains and clogging.

Use Amanprana Rudolf! To clear the respiratory tract or keep it open, to keep your nose free from swelling and to decrease possible pressure that you feel on your jawbone and/or ears.

  • Refreshes and opens blocked nose quickly and effectively
  • Small and convenient
  • natural Remedy
  • Helps with poor sleep, snoring and sleep apnea
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Clogged nose, runny nose or snotty nose? Use Rudolf! No more snot, clogged nose or runny nose with Rudolf!