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Anti-snore remedies often do not work. Rudolf! herbal balm does, it has never been easier to prevent snoring

So far it has been a great product, especially the fact that it does not leave behind a greasy layer after applying it! It's also got a lovely fresh scent, while the packaging is just great.

Sofie De Middelaer, Blogger at www.practicallypure.com and www.tussendromenenleven.be
Snoring quite common. Prevent snoring with an anti-snore remedy such as Rudolf! is ideal

Men may well constitute the largest group of snorers, but women and children also snore. Children snoring is often caused by increased throat polyps or tonsils; children are sometimes born with a facial disorder, sometimes a neurological disorder causes snoring. As far as adults is concerned, snoring unfortunately doesn’t improve with age.

In addition to age also overweight, hormonal factors, alcohol intake, muscle relaxant medication and smoking have undesirable consequences. Overweight with fat accumulation around the neck, will also cause more snoring problems.

Breathe freely and stop snoring with Rudolf! organic  herbal balm. Ideal anti-snore balm

Taking care of a unobstructed breathing during your sleep is already something you can undertake against snoring. Just apply some Rudolf! before bedtime. It acts as a natural anti-snore. A pinch under your nose, on your upper lip, on your neck, chest, back or soles of your feet, guarantees open respiratory tract during the night.

  • Refreshes and opens blocked nose quickly and effectively
  • Small and convenient
  • natural Remedy
  • Helps with poor sleep, snoring and sleep apnea
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No more bad nights or snoring with Rudolf!