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Beat stress: use Rudolf! herbal balm for ideal performance when working out, running, or other sports

So far it has been a great product, especially the fact that it does not leave behind a greasy layer after applying it! It's also got a lovely fresh scent, while the packaging is just great.

Sofie De Middelaer, Blogger at www.practicallypure.com and www.tussendromenenleven.be

Rudolf! Helps you to breathe freely, ideal for workout, running

You often see football and soccer players applying something on their chest right before a game in order to breathe better. Perfect breathing during a sporting performance is of the highest importance. If you want to achieve well, you need energy. Generating energy is burning oxygen. Apply a bit of Rudolf! under your nose in order to be able to breathe freely during training practice. And breathe!

Biking, workout, running and squash for better breathing

Good sports performances? Rudolf! helps, for workout, running or other sports Biking, swimming, squash, workout and running are ideal to improve your breathing technique. For example by running you strengthen your  breathing. Your longs equally benefit: your lung capacity increases and your lung alveoli develop. The more often you go running, the better your breathing technique will become. Anyone who notices poor breathing while running, can consider getting some swimming practice: freestyle swimming is the perfect way to learn how to steadily breathe in and out.

You can optimally use Rudolf! for swimming as well as running: apply a pinch of Rudolf! under your nose ensures effortless breathing during the performance.

Tips for biking, swimming, running or squash: use Rudolf!

The ideal way of breathing is through your nose. The inhaled air is purified and slightly warmed in your nose. But, suppose you go running, you will soon find it easier to breathe through your mouth; nasal breathing alone will not fulfill the need of oxygen. That equally goes for biking, swimming and squash. Don’t think too much about good breathing during sports. Simply enjoy a good training practice; if that goes well, your breathing should be all right. Before biking, swimming, running or squash, apply a bit of Rudolf! under your nose and breathe freely.


  • Refreshes and opens blocked nose quickly and effectively
  • Small and convenient
  • natural Remedy
  • Helps with poor sleep, snoring and sleep apnea
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Beat stress, optimal work out with lots of oxygen with Rudolf! herbal balm Biking? Rudolf! ensures more oxygen while practicing sports