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Rudolf! herbal balm ideal for yoga exercises and meditation, free breathing and optimal oxygen

So far it has been a great product, especially the fact that it does not leave behind a greasy layer after applying it! It's also got a lovely fresh scent, while the packaging is just great.

Sofie De Middelaer, Blogger at www.practicallypure.com and www.tussendromenenleven.be

optimal oxygen and free breathing when practicing yoga? Use Rudolf!

Unite your ‘physical’ self with your ‘essential’ self, thus is the essence of yoga.
In more popular terms: reconnect to nature (with yoga exercises), your own true nature. Total physical and mental relaxation, that is also yoga. Just like Buddha could experience Nirvana, you can evoke a world of peace from your yoga mat.

Rudolf! Will become your best yoga friend; a couple of pinches under your nose and breathing becomes plain sailing.

Yoga ideal combo with breathing exercises

Yoga also offers the perfect basic blueprint for learning how to breathe well. Good breathing is a means of keeping open the different energy lines; a good technique is the alternate nostril breathing. You alternately breathe in through your left and your right nostril. Yoga assigns a different function to each of your nostrils.

The right nostril represents solar energy (warmth, activity, male energy), and the left nostril represents lunar energy (coolness, passivity, rest and femininity). In alternate nostril breathing, you block one nostril (e.g. with your fingers) and breathe through the other. Hold the breath for a few moments and breathe out through the other nostril. By doing this, your breathing will have an alternate cooling and warming effect, thus creating a balance.

Meditation for inner peace

Calm down and relax more: something many of us pursue. Meditation can help. Meditation is really very focused on breathing. Although there are many ways of meditating, all of them have the same goal: to make you more aware of yourself and your environment. There are two forms of meditation: active and passive. Passive mediation empties your mind, active meditation will keep your mind busy, constantly aware of what is going on and what you are experiencing. Both forms have one very important component: breathing.

Rudolf! Provides oxygen and helps breathing, ideal for yoga and meditation

Do you want to optimally benefit from the oxygen around you when practicing yoga, do you want to make maximum use of the breathing exercises? Apply a bit of Rudolf! to your chest, back, neck and under your nose right before you start the yoga exercises and you will notice how your breathing immediately improves.
The breath is held for a few moments and released through the other nostril. By doing this, your breathing will have an alternate cooling and warming effect, thus creating a balance. You can of course call upon Rudolf!; a bit of balm under your nostrils and the alternating breathing in and out works so much better.

  • Refreshes and opens blocked nose quickly and effectively
  • Small and convenient
  • natural Remedy
  • Helps with poor sleep, snoring and sleep apnea
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Yoga and meditating? Use Rudolf! Rudolf! for 100%  oxygen, deep breathing while meditating and practicing yoga