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Do you enjoy cooking healthy food? Then try our vegetarian and vegan recipes for serene vitality

 Healthy food happy people - Chantal Voets

Hello, nice of you to come and take glance at my recipe review. Here, I have made a fine selection of recipes and chefs. Amanprana and/or I has/have a special bond with each of them. We, for example, have cooked together and have the same vision of eating. Healthy, tasty and refreshing meals without fuss. Tasty meals to be healthy and happy. Ayurvedic cuisine, macrobiotics, raw food, vegan cooking and proper food combinations have inspired my recipes.

In the meantime, I have put together quite a few recipes. From appetizers to pancakes and from delicious snacks to smoothies. The emphasis is on pure and natural, without refined nutrients. Nutrition is your best medicine!

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Spices & Fleur de sel

Turmeric, medicinal seasoning and fleur de sel recipes

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It's a term which is used to give the "ORAC value" of a food. The ORAC value refers to the extent to which a food neutralises the harmful free radicals which are released by the burning of energy in the body. So a high ORAC value means that the food does a great job of this.

That the best food for every living being is unprocessed and 100% natural, is continually proven by nature. And as it happens, many of the foods with high ORAC values are herbs and spices. Pure nature! Turmeric, for example, has an ORAC value of 159,277 per 100 grams!* By comparison, blueberries have a very low ORAC value of just 6,552 per 100 grams.*


Spices don't just add flavour to your food, they add antioxidants

Amanprana has combined the best ORAC ingredients in specific proportions in delicious, flavourful and anti-oxidising seasoning mixes. Turmeric, thyme, oregano, cloves, cinnamon, chilli powder and more - each and every one of them has a staggeringly high ORAC value. No single flavour dominates, and the proportions of the ingredients complement each other to create a unique Amanprana taste.

The special flavour of fleur de sel sea salt makes an important contribution to this. The fleur de sel in the Amanprana botanico mixes is a sea salt bursting with flavour that supplies your body with essential minerals and trace elements. And even more than Himalayan salt, this fleur de sel salt has strong de-acidifying properties and acts as a good "conductor" for optimal communication between your body's cells.

Amanprana botanico seasoning mixes and fleur de sel sea salt add value to each recipe, literally and metaphorically

By using Amanprana seasoning mixes in your recipes, such as in a vegetable ragout with seitan or in a homemade mayonnaise, you're supplying your body with powerful (and yummy!) antioxidants to fight and neutralise free radicals. It's help that your body can use on a daily basis.

And did you know that these seasoning mixes make cooking with spices so much more enjoyable? You don't have to add careful pinches of this and that. With a teaspoon of one of Amanprana's botanico mixes, in no time at all you can make every dish delicious and filled with antioxidants. We aim to create dishes which are healthy AND tasty, because why should we have to choose? You can also grind the spices for a more distinct flavour.

*Based on research by the USDA ARS (Agricultural Research Service).