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Do you enjoy cooking healthy food? Then try our vegetarian and vegan recipes for serene vitality

 Healthy food happy people - Chantal Voets

Hello, nice of you to come and take glance at my recipe review. Here, I have made a fine selection of recipes and chefs. Amanprana and/or I has/have a special bond with each of them. We, for example, have cooked together and have the same vision of eating. Healthy, tasty and refreshing meals without fuss. Tasty meals to be healthy and happy. Ayurvedic cuisine, macrobiotics, raw food, vegan cooking and proper food combinations have inspired my recipes.

In the meantime, I have put together quite a few recipes. From appetizers to pancakes and from delicious snacks to smoothies. The emphasis is on pure and natural, without refined nutrients. Nutrition is your best medicine!

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Easy, healthy, and original dessert and pancake recipes

Easy, healthy, and original dessert and pancake recipes

In “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manuel”, Michael Pollan writes a lot of interesting facts about food and eating desserts. He for instance suggests applying the so-called S policy: no snacks, no seconds, no sweets, except on days that begin with the letter S.

Your health will definitely improve if you only eat pancakes, snacks and desserts on Saturdays and Sundays, but that which sounds good in theory, is not always easy to apply in reality. Fortunately there are healthy and nutritious dessert recipes – such as the recipes for desserts that you find here with us – so that you won’t have to wait until Saturday or Sunday in order to eat a dessert.


Easy dessert and pancake recipes, from oat cookies to quinoa pancakes

If you have a sweet craving on a week night, there is nothing better you can do for yourself than prepare your own dessert, such as Rineke Dijkinga’s calming oatmeal cookies with sunflower seeds, grated coconut and palm sugar. Each oat cookie is bursting with nutrients!

Homemade dishes with pure, unrefined ingredients always provide nourishment for your body, whether you turn the ingredients into a breakfast dish or a main meal or a dessert. It is all about choosing the right nutrients and to create variety, because the saying ‘too much of a good thing’ would be the right thing to remember, also when preparing desserts.

For some recipes this is clear: what can be made into a dessert, can also be made into breakfast. And vice versa! Especially pancakes.

If you decide to satisfy your cravings for dessert in the evening with homemade cookies, cakes, pancakes … remember that the leftovers make for a great breakfast! A lot of dessert recipes on our website are perfect for a healthy breakfast, and vice versa. For instance, during the winter months, you can prepare pancakes or  Lies Ameeuw’s Ayurvedic nutritious grain porridge in the evening. And whatever you don’t not eat, you can add to your breakfast or eat as a snack the next day. The Amanprana lattes or Chantal Voets’ oat porridge with coconut, saffron and wheat germs can also easily be served as a dessert or eaten at breakfast.

Which dessert do you like to eat for breakfast? Or which breakfast recipe doubles for dessert? Let us know.