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Avocado dip with parsley, wheat germ and cumin

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Avocado dip with parsley: super healthy and packed with flavour

What sets this dip apart from other avocado dips is the addition of the delicious and hearty parsley. It's a great herb that we often push aside, seeing it as mere garnishing. Parsley is part of the celery family, and both fall under the Apiaceae family. While parsley originated in the Mediterranean region, today it forms a part of almost every cuisine.

Parsley is healthy: packed with vitamins, minerals, iron and potassium

Parsley is overflowing with healthy nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C and K as well as minerals, iron and potassium. There are two types of parsley that we commonly use in the kitchen - flat-leaf and curly parsley. The latter has a somewhat more pronounced taste, and we will be using the former, the flat-leaf or Italian parsley, in this recipe. It adds real flavour to this avocado dip!

Ingredients for Avocado dip with parsley, wheat germ and cumin

(serves 2)


Preparation time: / Total cooking time:

Preparation: Avocado dip with parsley, wheat germ and cumin

Place all the ingredients in a food processor, mix well and enjoy!

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