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Do you enjoy cooking healthy food? Then try our vegetarian and vegan recipes for serene vitality

 Healthy food happy people - Chantal Voets

Hello, nice of you to come and take glance at my recipe review. Here, I have made a fine selection of recipes and chefs. Amanprana and/or I has/have a special bond with each of them. We, for example, have cooked together and have the same vision of eating. Healthy, tasty and refreshing meals without fuss. Tasty meals to be healthy and happy. Ayurvedic cuisine, macrobiotics, raw food, vegan cooking and proper food combinations have inspired my recipes.

In the meantime, I have put together quite a few recipes. From appetizers to pancakes and from delicious snacks to smoothies. The emphasis is on pure and natural, without refined nutrients. Nutrition is your best medicine!

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A healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day. Find your favourite amongst our healthy breakfast recipes

A healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day. Find your favourite amongst our healthy breakfast recipes

You read and hear this often: breakfast is the main meal of the day. And you also read and hear this sometimes: “If you don’t have time for breakfast, then make a smoothie.” Because smoothies – and green smoothies in particular – are supposed to provide such a great source of vitamins and minerals, that one smoothie is enough to give you the daily recommended amount of vegetables and fruits.

So, the answer to the question “what’s on the menu today?” will therefore be a resolute “smoothie”, at least for breakfast? No, not necessarily. Amanprana has quite a few dessert options in addition to the smoothie recipes. It’s good to know that our recipes for a healthy breakfast comply with two of the most important conditions for a healthy breakfast: they feed your body and give you energy in the long run.


A healthy breakfast: green smoothies and other healthy breakfast ideas

The purpose of a healthy breakfast is to provide you with the energy you need to get through the day in a good way. This means that you have enough energy for hours, do not have any mood swings, do not experience concentration problems at the office or in the car, and that you are not distracted by stomach complaints … in order words, that you feel good. And a healthy breakfast can do this.

Amanprana guarantees a good start to the day with its healthy breakfast recipes. The palm sugar for instance in Lies Ameeuw’s Ayurvedic nutritious grain porridge is known to have a low glycemic index rating, which in turn contributes to stable blood sugar levels. So you can make your breakfast a bit healthier (and sweeter) by adding some coconut sugar.

The Amanprana coconut fibres are also good for adding to your breakfast table. You can use them in yoghurt, muesli.. or simply add them to a glass of grain or nut milk.

Smoothie recipes for a healthy take-away breakfast

Do you want to have a healthy breakfast, but would you rather have one to go? Our smoothie recipes (also for green smoothies) can be prepared quickly and are a great addition to the vegetables and fruit you eat throughout the day. To each smoothie recipe you can also add Amanprana foods. As you can read in the recipes, our coconut oil, coconut fibres, and coconut sugars all provide a significant amount of added value to any breakfast recipe.