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Do you enjoy cooking healthy food? Then try our vegetarian and vegan recipes for serene vitality

 Healthy food happy people - Chantal Voets

Hello, nice of you to come and take glance at my recipe review. Here, I have made a fine selection of recipes and chefs. Amanprana and/or I has/have a special bond with each of them. We, for example, have cooked together and have the same vision of eating. Healthy, tasty and refreshing meals without fuss. Tasty meals to be healthy and happy. Ayurvedic cuisine, macrobiotics, raw food, vegan cooking and proper food combinations have inspired my recipes.

In the meantime, I have put together quite a few recipes. From appetizers to pancakes and from delicious snacks to smoothies. The emphasis is on pure and natural, without refined nutrients. Nutrition is your best medicine!

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Miki Duerinck & Kristin Leybaert

Healthy recipes from the cooking studio of Miki Duerinck and Kristin Leybaert

Miki Duerinck and Kristin Leybaert started off by opening a restaurant where they gained a large amount of experience in vegetarian cooking. After that they set up the Vegetarische Kookstudio (Vegetarian Cooking Studio), hosted workshops and offered catering services and celebratory meals. Together they also penned a number of books, including Donderdag Veggiedag (Thursday is Veggie Day), Veggie voor starters (Vegetarianism for Starters) and Veggie burgers, balletjes en broodbeleg (Vegetarian Burgers, Balls and Sandwich Fillers).


A brief interview with Miki Duerinck and Kristin Leybaert of the Vegetarian Cooking Studio on their cuisine/recipes and Amanprana

We started off cooking healthy meals because:

We started off cooking healthy meals because it is so exciting. You discover fantastic products that allow you to experiment endlessly.

Our most exciting culinary adventure:

That's a difficult one, because every time we create a new recipe we shout out a euphoric 'hooray!' Recently we were so happy because we finally succeeded in creating a vegan version of our popular cashew nut tarts.

Our biggest culinary failure and what we learnt from it:

During a cooking demonstration with an audience of a hundred, our puff pastry tarts didn't rise because the oven was not properly set. The moral of the story is to first test out all unfamiliar equipment when the audience is not around!

Tips for the novice cook:

Don't worry about the rules, just cook what you love!

What is indispensable in the kitchen:

A shredder or a good food processor that shreds and grinds. If you're buying a new food processor, get one with a shredder. You can use it to mince herbs and vegetables as well as nuts and legumes.

To us, the most important thing for living a healthy lifestyle is:

To eat less meat and go for organic products.

How we would describe our inner chefs:

Very adventurous.

Aside from cooking, we also love:

All forms of culture and exercise.

Our favourite dish:

An Indian or Indonesian 'rice table'

For special occasions we often make:

Tarte Tatin with endive and sweet potato.

The Noble House product that has won a place in our hearts and kitchen is:

Seitan, coconut oil, Gula Java coconut blossom sugar and Hermanos Catalan olive oil.