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spelt spaghetti with asparagus and saffron

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Spaghetti made from spelt: nutritious

When you eat spaghetti it is wise to be aware of the type you choose to eat. Pasta made from spelt is always a good choice. Spelt pasta is made from spelt, which is one of the oldest types of grain in the world. One of its many benefits is that spelt pasta lowers your cholesterol levels thanks to the unsaturated fats and it gives your body easy-to-use energy. And that's why many sportspeople have also made the move to spelt pasta!

Ingredients for spelt spaghetti with asparagus and saffron

(Serves 4)


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Preparation: spelt spaghetti with asparagus and saffron

Cook the spelt pasta until al dente in plenty of salted water, drain and set aside. Heat up a pot of salted water. Cut the asparagus and snow peas into pieces small enough to eat and blanch in boiling water for a minute. Rinse off in cold water.
Peel the garlic and cut very fine. Remove the seeds from the chillies and cut finely. Heat up a wok at a high temperature and add the spaghetti together with the oil, garlic and chillies and fry until the garlic is lightly browned. Then add the asparagus and snow peas and cook for a maximum of two minutes. Add the white wine and cream and simmer briefly. Then add the roughly cut parsley together with the herbs, saffron and a pinch of fleur de sel, mixing carefully for a minute or so, preferably by shaking the pan gently. This allows the spaghetti to absorb the sauce and the starch will thicken the sauce. Serve the creamy spaghetti with asparagus and saffron immediately. Enjoy!

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