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Amanprana fans

Famous Amanprana fans

Marijke Helwegen
Marijke Helwegen (TV personality, The Netherlands), 02/09/'15:

My overall condition has improved in leaps and bounds since we first came to you in Antwerp. I'm 66 years old and still appear on TV two to three times a week and appear in programmes. Some eight years ago I was weak and lagging in terms of my health. I haven't changed my diet, but what has changed is that I faithfully use Amanprana products

Sebastian Copien
Sebastian Copien (cook, cook book author and nutritional coach, Eching, Germany), 31/03/'15:

In my kitchen I only use the best organic products, and when you use Amanprana you know you can't go wrong

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Sanne Van Paassen
Sanne Van Paassen (Dutch cyclist, cyclo-cross champion and detox coach, Vlierden, the Netherlands), 28/11/'14:

For me Amanprana is the perfect energy boost while I'm exercising. I spent a long time looking for a sports drink that does not contain refined sugars and won't give me stomach ache. Fortunately, I've found just what I want. Amanprana gives me long-lasting energy for a TOP performance

Sue Taggart
Sue Taggart (www. Eco18.com, New York, USA), 30/09/'14:

Amanprana: this brand is in a category all its own. I love everything about this amanprana. The brand promotes "Food as Medicine" and believes in "serenely supporting and strengthening your life energy without harming your body or mind, gently and without excess. Amanprana is a brand for conscious living.

Kim Clijsters
Kim Clijsters (Belgian top tennis player), 16/09/'14:

"I use the Amanprana products daily for my entire family. Both body care products (Shangri-La and Alana) and coconut oil, Gula Java coconut blossom sugar and Matcha. I use them for the whole family (Not yet for Jack because he is too small). Amanprana is my favorite brand! "

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Daphne  OZ
Daphne OZ (bestselling author, co-host of the ABC hit show The Chew, daughter of Dr Oz.), 29/08/'14:

Searching for a fair trade alternative to harsh cleansers, I found unfiltered organic coconut oil. Coconut oil really changed my life, to cleanse, moisturize and tone my skin. Twice a week, I whips up a coconut oil hair mask: brush coconut oil through my hair, leave it on for an hour or two or overnight. Shampoo afterwards.

Pascale Naessens
Pascale Naessens (author of bestsellers on food and healthy recipes, HLN), 05/05/'14:

The positive effects of these saturated vegetable fats. Coconut oil, for example, has antiviral and fungicidal properties and is perfect for frying. Because it is a saturated fat it remains stable and can resist high temperatures. Saturated vegetable fats also contain high levels of antioxidants.

Martine Prenen
Martine Prenen (media personality and health coach), 27/03/'14:

An extraordinary woman, who combined a TV career with a job as presenter and journalist, as well as being a certified health coach and yoga fan!
"Thanks to Amanprana and Noble-House for their wonderful oils, teas, coconut sugar and coconut oils. They do not only have delicious products, they are also made with respect for man and nature. "

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Wendy Rose  Scheers
Wendy Rose Scheers (author of ‘Allergie Vriendelijk Koken’ (‘Allergy-Friendly Cooking’)), 14/11/'13:

Coconut oil is a daily guest in my kitchen and in my household. For all dishes and baked goods that are heated, I prefer to use Amanprana coconut oil. The many benefits of extra virgin coconut oil are a reason for me to use it every day, even as my natural skin and hair care.

Sophie van Baarsen
Sophie van Baarsen (nutritionist and author of several books), 24/09/'13:

‘Amanprana’s facial and skin oils are part of my daily bodily care. It nourishes my skin, keeping it young and supple. It’s fantastic for sunbathing; my skin becomes beautifully bronzed in colour, without drying out. The Amanprana care range is pure, genuine and healthy.’

Amanprana fans

Steffi (in a review on her blog www.byebyecheeseburger.be), 03/02/'16:

Those who know Amanprana's products know they represent honesty, goodness and wholesomeness. All products are organic and vegetable. Everything is harvested and packaged with view of sustainability. You will always find Amaprana products in glass jars. I am also a big fan of their products. I identify with Amanprana's philosophy and their products are always very tasty.

Rita Querzoni
Rita Querzoni (Luxembourg), 02/09/'15:

I'm CRAZY about your Amanprana products and I recommend them to all my friends, workmates and acquaintances

Victor Smuraglia
Victor Smuraglia (Belgium), 31/08/'15:

I want to thank you, Bart Maes, for your fantastic Amanprana products. It's obvious that they're made with love, something that has sadly become very rare. Thanks to the pure taste of Amanprana, I have been a fervent user for years

Firoze Salimi
Firoze Salimi (celebrity manicurist, entrepreneur and author, United States), 28/08/'15:

I can not say enough about these amazing products, and love the fact that  the brand promotes "Food as Medicine" and believes in "serenely supporting and strengthening your life energy without harming your body or mind, Amanprana is a brand for the conscious living. I luv, luv them!"

Dirk Van Spitaels
Dirk Van Spitaels (TEAM FAR manager, adventure race team (running, cycling, climbing, canoeing, horse riding and inline-skating to our destination), Belgium, 18/08/2015), 18/08/'15:

I’ve been going for 72 hours through inhospitable terrain, and thanks to Amanprana I’ll reach the finish line. Thanks for your support!!!

Jean-Pierre & Fabienne  Gheysens
Jean-Pierre & Fabienne Gheysens (Bruges, Belgique), 21/06/'15:

I've been wanting to send you an email for ages to congratulate you on all your great Amanprana products. I think I've been one of your best customers from the very beginning! We hardly let any products into our house that aren't organic, environmentally-friendly and fair trade. So congratulations again, and keep up the good work!

Mirjam Leslie-Pringle
Mirjam Leslie-Pringle (blogger and photographer, www.veggieverymuch.com), 10/04/'15:

Today we went to Belgium to visit the head office of the beautiful brand AmanPrana and the woman behind it; Chantal Voets. This pure brand full of awesome products, made of the finest ingredients, started out as a small family business, but grew into multiple products, cared for- and build with love, and is now available in 12 European countries!

Dr. Robert Steelooper
Dr. Robert Steelooper (philosopher, orthomolecular and - en ayurvedic docter and physiotherapist, Oeiras, Portugal), 21/01/'15:

Amanprana tested very well, with all products having a high Bovis value and being of excellent quality

Dr. Robert Steelooper
Dr. Robert Steelooper (philosopher, orthomolecular and - en ayurvedic docter and physiotherapist ,Oeiras, Portugal), 21/01/'15:

Amanprana coconut oil is in great demand here in Portugal

Dr. Robert Steelooper
Dr. Robert Steelooper (philosopher, orthomolecular and - en ayurvedic docter and physiotherapist, Oeiras, Portugal), 21/01/'15:

I have been using Razoli shaving oil for some time now, and don’t want to use anything else. Well done, Amanprana

Luk Van Braekel
Luk Van Braekel (publicist and blogger, Vrij denken, vrij spreken [Think freely, Speak freely], Texas), 12/01/'15:

The prohibition of trans fats should be applauded, but the ban on palm oil and coconut fat seems to be more due to protectionism rather than concern about public health.

Marie Lambert
Marie Lambert (Biolicious Ghent trade fair visitor), 21/09/'14:

Excellent layout and delicious and nutritious ingredients! I thank you for launching Amanprana. My favourite? Gula Java Safran!

Kris De Rouck
Kris De Rouck (Kris De Rouck, endurance athlete, Westerlo, Belgium), 01/09/'14:

 have been trying to quit all refined cane and beet sugar for three years, including the so-called whole cane sugars. Since then I have been using Gula Java Brut. I feel 100 percent better and no longer suffer from sugar dips.

Valérie Grandury
Valérie Grandury (Detox Market), 04/07/'14:

Omega-3 and-6 are essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce, but are vital to healthy skin. They dramatically improve the texture and quality of skin, allowing for cells to hold onto water. When we age, the skin barrier functions decrease, creating dryness-skin loses its ability to repair itself and thins, causing wrinkles.

Professor Frits Muskiet
Professor Frits Muskiet (European expert in dietary fats, HLN), 11/05/'14:

Politicians should maybe first take a course in healthy foodstuffs before coming up with new laws. Everyone knows that trans fatty acids are incredibly bad for you. Only big industry embraces them, as they are cheap fats that have a long shelf life and give fatty foods a pleasant taste. I fully support their total prohibition.

Professor Frits Muskiet
Professor Frits Muskiet (European expert in dietary fats, HLN), 11/05/'14:

Palm and coconut oil and cacao butter. These are saturated fats that the body needs. In fact, your body makes them itself. There are even studies that show that coconut oil helps to prevent diabetes, while it is widely known that it quickly metabolises into energy. Cacao butter is a required ingredient in some countries if you want to produce real chocolate, while palm oil is praised by various specialists as a natural antioxidant.

Ria  Van Dijk
Ria Van Dijk (Mordan I customer in Oostende), 03/03/'14:

I was introduced to Amanprana through the Jasminum body oil, which is really great. Then I started to use the Happy Perilla Special and next the coconut-olive-red palm which I always use. I'm extremely happy with them, and they are excellent products. I always pass the pamphlets on to my friends.

Bettina Van Berckelaer
Bettina Van Berckelaer (Ostend), 03/03/'14:

I use Coconut-Olive-Red Palm as a massage cream: it's great for my face and has a lovely scent and makes the skin super soft, while it is also well-absorbed. You can use it on your whole body (and it is even excellent as a lubricant). How could something that is so perfect for you internally (consumed through our food) not be good for our exteriors - our skin!

Dorien  in 't Hout
Dorien in 't Hout (Wilnis, The Netherlands), 06/12/'13:

The Amanprana products belong to the absolute top and support my life motto, “Life is too short to use mediocre products."

SoloBioMooi  Blog
SoloBioMooi Blog, 12/11/'13:

For the past two months I've been testing Shangri-la orac serum. If you use Shangri-la sparingly, it also absorbs quickly. After use, my skin doesn't feel greasy, but rather soft and warm. By using this serum, I've discovered that I like the way an oil around my eyes works. Eye creams don't absorb quickly or come off when you are later doing your make-up. That's so totally not the case with Shangri-la orac serum. Shangri-la feels soft around my eyes. Shangri-la is concentrated, which makes it very economical. The fragrance does honour to its eastern namesake: mysterious and spicy. After using it for two months, I've noticed that my right eyelid seems to droop less and my skin seems to radiate.

Shangri-la has a lot of orac (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). Orac is the amount of antioxidants in a product. Skin aging is, in fact, oxidation of the skin. Antioxidants hold this process back. Amanprana is a brand that produces superfoods that care for your body both outside and inside.

Tali ((Natuurhuis Antwerp saleswoman)), 01/07/'13:

My son suffers from the occasional skin rash, and I've tried many things to get rid of it, such as capsules containing perilla oil (omega 3) from the pharmacy. Nothing helped, until I tried Amanprana's Eicosan Perilla oil at Natuurhuis. This vegetable oil from Okinawa has a holistic effect and uses everything contained in the oil, while there are no isolates. As always, Amanprana gives you top quality products! I give my son two tablespoons of the oil a day, and his eczema melts away like snow in the sun. You won't believe how happy I am! Eicosan Perilla is highly recommended for skin problems.

Cathrine  Nilsen
Cathrine Nilsen (Product Manager Supernature), 15/06/'13:

A big thanks to Amanprana for giving an inspiring and informative workshop on the Amanprana products and the values of the brand. We are even more in love with the products now than before, and proud to be representatives of this brand in Norway.

Philippine  Grasman
Philippine Grasman (musician The Hague, Netherlands), 04/05/'13:

I have been taking a cure of Amanprana coconut oil for months, and I feel fantastic and recommend it to everybody. From the very start I could feel it working! My eating pattern has changed entirely, and I have lost all cravings for sweets and chips. It’s great!

Julia  Keith
Julia Keith (of the Naturkosmetik-Beautyblog Beautyjagd.de), 22/04/'13:

Your oils are gorgeous, the coconut oil is one of my preferred oils for cooking! I'm really deeply in love with your coconut oil!

Barbara, 04/04/'13:

My son has got a girlfriend who studies nutritional science at university. She looks for a topic for her bachelor degree-work. I inspired her to write about the health benefits of middle-chain-saturated oils in coconut and palm fruit. She borrowed two books from me about this and is 90% convinced. I told her I could use her research results for more article on this. She already knows that these oils are healthy. It's not LDL that is harmful, but a special molecule size of LDL. Coconut oil and palm oil make LDL harmless because they influence its molecule size. This she already knew, but did not learn that at university, but outside of it. At university, there is only little impact on how people can live a more healthy life.