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An ecological time bomb is ticking in the deep sea

159 tons of wild catch brought Into Dutch ports

A long way out from the coast, beneath the surface of the ocean, an ecological time bomb is ticking. One of the most productive ecosystems, the deep sea system is in mortal danger. In contrast to the many dangers that our environment is exposed to, this potential tragedy can be stopped. All that is needed, is an amount of political goodwill and even better, for us all to eat a bit less fish and to avoid taking fish oil (especially oil from deep sea fish). Scientists have been battling for years within the United Nations for a moratorium on deep sea fishing.
Dr. Gordon says: science, fishing companies and politicians agree that the vulnerable deep sea fish are being overfished. The ecosystem of many areas in the deep sea is currently dying unawares to us. Phil Aikman of Greenpeace stated back in 1990: 'We should not be fishing any deep sea fish at all'.

You can help. Don't eat any deep sea fish and don't take fish oil made from deep sea fish.