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Global warming due to human activity (anthropogenic climate change) has been ongoing for at least 180 years

The Arctic has suffered from climate change: 180 years of anthropogenic warming

New research has shown that anthropogenic climate change was not just a 19th century phenomenon, as many people believed. Anthropogenic global warming is climate change that is caused by humans. While this global warming naturally does not only affect the air temperature, the mercury did nevertheless rise by approximately 0.85 °C (0.65-1.06 °C) between 1880 and 2012.

The study examined the global climate and 25 scientists asked themselves: how long has anthropogenic climate change been an issue? They examined tree rings, coral, ice cores and climate models in order to map the climate over the centuries. Next they studied the influence of humans upon climate change.

Changing oceans were the first clear signs of anthropogenic global warming

The scientists determined that global warming started around 1830, which was when greenhouse gases started to increase. The occurrence was concurrent with the first stages of the Industrial Revolution. By 1930 the first signs of anthropogenic climate change were also detectable and there were changes in the Arctic and tropical oceans. Worsening problems have been recorded in these regions, which makes sense when you consider that it has been ongoing for at least 180 years. Soon after that, the warming was also noticeable in Europe, Asia and North America.

The influence of humans on global warming

The affect of humans on the big picture of global warming has long been a controversial issue, but that has played out more in the popular press (featuring both critics and sceptics) than in scientific literature. While the scientists only found detectable changes starting 180 years ago, it is only logical that we played a much bigger role. Deforestation, agriculture, livestock, urbanisation and all the other activities have all affected the planet.

While the affects are not as great, the Antarctic is also suffering from climate change The climate change