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Are all the seas in the world and all the fish polluted?

shipping disaster Yes, not a single fish is spared. Even in the North and South Poles, all the fishes and (marine) mammals are seriously polluted. The Inuits, with their fat-rich consumption of fish and seals, are heavily polluted. Much more than we are. The Inuits are now afraid to eat fish because it seems that Inuit’s mother’s milk is polluted. They have started eating more and more Western imported and refined foods out of necessity. A lot of polar bear populations are no longer able to reproduce normally due to the accumulation of pollution.

But it is not only the fish that are being polluted. Along different coasts and inland waterways, the amount of oxygen is beginning to seriously drop so that life in the sea and its survival is endangered. These are mainly places where algae have started to become rampant. These districts along the coast are called Creeping Dead Zones. In a great many countries, pigs, fowl, cattle, farmed shellfish and fish are fed fishmeal.

So that the consumption of dairy food and meat in addition to fish and fish oil are also among the most important sources of toxic substances. Animal fats such as cheese are also poisonous today therefore.
These polluted fish are also the most important cause of bacterial pollution in our food chain.

All fish oils contain remains or lots of these toxic substances. No brand is spared this. Sometimes their values are under the norm, but they are never free of pollution. And each batch is different but never free of this poison. The simplest way of consuming less PCBs and dioxins is to eat less fish or fish oils according to the European Commission.