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Atlantic Dawn replaces 7000 traditional African fishermen

In one single expedition the Atlantic Dawn catches the same as what 7000 traditional fishermen would catch in a whole year. It is the biggest pelagic trawler ever. Length: 144.3 metres (473 feet) , Width: 24 metres (79 feet), Gross tonnage: 14 055 Horsepower: 28730 hp , Target: fishing and freezing, € 1.5 million turnover for each complete fishing trip. Crew: 63

Comparison: The Veronica trawler, 104 metres long with 100 people on board A Senegalese fishing canoe 10 metres long, with an outboard motor of 15 to 30hp, with 3 to 8 people on board. An African traditional fisherman earns approximately € 350 to € 700 per year.

The main catch in West African waters is sardinella. In the same way that other trawlers do, the Atlanta Dawn undermines the independence of fishermen in the African countries and provides the death blow for the local fishermen. For instance along Mauritania coast there are currently 251 Western ships fishing. The current fish stocks have reduced drastically over just a few years. Octopus has reduced by more than 50% and sawfish has disappeared completely. Mauritania currently depends on the permits for 50% of its foreign income and this accounts for 10% of the gross national product. Mauritania has 25,000 professional fishing companies. African countries are much more dependent on the catches of fish than we are. In Africa 6.5% of people work in the fishing industry, in Europe this number is just 1.4%. Fish production per capita in Africa is just 2.8 tons, and in Europe it is 29.2 tons.

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