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Avoid these 8 disposable plastic products!

avoid plastic bottles. They pollute the sea and its inhabitants.

1. Plastic bottles

Every year 50 billion plastic water bottles are used around the world. Of these, only 28% are recycled. Furthermore, every time a bottle is recycled you need more raw materials to make a new water bottle. Plastic is not sustainable.

avoid plastic shopping bags. They end up in the sea and in fish and birds.

2. Plastic shopping bags

A plastic bag to carry your shopping home? It might be nice and convenient, but these bags end up in their millions in rivers, seas and oceans, and subsequently in the stomachs of marine mammals and birds. Long live the sustainable reusable bag when you go shopping.

avoid resealable plastic bags. They hurt the environment and sea life

3. Resealable plastic bags

Disposable bags are not only expensive, they are also difficult to recycle. Long live the good old breadbin or reusable containers for keeping leftovers in the fridge.

avoid plastic tableware. It pollutes the environment.

4. Plastic tableware

Plastic cutlery might be easy, but ultimately these plastics plates and cutlery end up in the rubbish. Oil was used to make every one of those plastic spoons. And every plastic fork contains chemicals that you would never eat, while those chemicals seep out of every plastic knife that is thrown away. Avoid plastic tableware, for your own sake and that of the environment.

avoid styrofoam. It's difficult to recycle and bad for the environment

5. Styrofoam

Styrofoam is very difficult to recycle and when it is dumped it only degrades very slowly and into small poisonous particles. Refuse a styrofoam doggy bag when eating out, and always take your own sustainable containers and cups with you.

avoid floss picks. Plastic pollutes the sea.

6. Floss picks

Floss picks might seem a quick and easy way to keep your teeth clean, but they are not reusable. That means you are wasting a great deal of plastic unnecessarily. If you want to floss, simply use old-fashioned dental floss.

avoid batteries. They harm the environment and are poisonous.

7. Batteries

Disposable batteries are not only a waste of money, they are also very poisonous when they end up on the rubbish dump. Batteries contain hazardous metals such as cadmium, cobalt and mercury, and when these metals seep into the soil, they damage both nature and our health. So avoid batteries or only use rechargeable ones. That means you'll save money and keep poisons out of our rubbish dumps!

avoid ink cartridges and disposable pens. They hurt the environment

8. Ink cartridges and pens

What happens to ink cartridges and disposable pens when they run dry? They almost always end up as a polluting source of poisons on rubbish dumps. Refillable ink cartridges and pens are better alternatives.

Avoid plastic bottles they pollute the sea Avoid plastic protect the environment and the sea Positive initiatives concerning Save the sea