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Coral endangered by bottom trawlers, cyanide and dynamite fishing

Fishing with dynamite Coral reefs cover 0.25% of the ocean floor but are of vital importance for 25% of all fishes. 20% of all coral reefs have already been lost and 60% are endangered. Destructive fishing techniques use bottom trawlers with their trawl nets for instance, or dynamite and poisonous cyanide (prussic acid).

In Asia and East Africa for instance, fishing is often done using dynamite. Home constructed bombs are made from empty soda cans and dynamite. These bombs are dropped onto the reefs where they explode. This sends a mass of fish to the surface in one go, but pieces of coral are also destroyed.

Fishing with dynamite causes enormous damage to coral reefs. In Asia it is cyanide that is used a lot for fishing. Fishermen spray the poison between the gaps in the reefs where lots of reef fish hide. The fish are stunned and can be easily fished out of the water. Unfortunately cyanide also kills the coral.