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How have we polluted fish and fish oils?

We have polluted fish and their fish oils by polluting the world’s seas. Discharging polluted substances that we use each day in our homes, chemical agriculture and industry are all responsible for 44% of the pollution of the oceans. Atmospheric pollution is responsible for 33% and shipping for 12%.

63,000 different chemicals, lots of heavy metals, radioactive waste, plastics and their xeno-oestrogens, more than 200 different PCB's and 200 dioxins used in human activities end up in the sea. Fish swim in the polluted waters and absorb this pollution through their gills. Small fishes eat polluted plankton. A lot of this pollution is stored in the fat of the fish. Larger fish eat small fish. The bigger the fish, the greater the amount of toxic substances stored. Salmon and tuna are more polluted than sardines. This is because a lot of the pollution remains inside the fish and it accumulates over the years and barely any is eliminated. Until the fish is finally eaten by humans. It’s a Catch 22 situation. Pollution that was originally created by man is now consumed by man through fish and fish oils. Eat sushi and sashimi made with raw tuna or take a dose of cod-liver oil each day and you have had your dose of pollution.