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If you drink out of plastic, plastic will enter your body

'To tell the truth, mineral water shouldn't be bottled in plastic at all, because the water absorbs the negative 'information' (viz. chemicals, toxins,…) from the plastic. Glass, on the other hand, protects and preserves the essential 'information' about the water.' Dr. Barbara Hendel, 'Wasser und Salz, Oerbron van het leven' (Water and Salt, the Fountainhead of Life).

'In an unpredictable way, tiny particles of plastic (numbered in their trillions) could stunt or otherwise disrupt our body's natural balance, development and reproductive processes and could be a contributory cause of cancer.' Quote from Colbron, Dumanoski and Myers: 'Our Stolen Future'

'Chemical waste is the single biggest threat to tomorrow's drinking-water.' (Dr. A. Heyndrickx, Professor of Toxicology, Ghent University)

Soft plastic, you see, is bad for the environment! Plastic is not 100% recyclable! Not a single plastic bottle comes back as a new plastic bottle! Each time it's recycled, the quality of the plastic deteriorates and the quality of the new bottle is inferior to the one before. Ultimately, you're left with an abominable quality which is not longer fit to be recycled. Glass is an ideal choice and can be recycled ad infinitum! And that's not all... plastic is bad for your health. It has been scientifically proven that plastics migrate toxins into whatever they contact (in this case water) at all times! We're talking here about harmful chemicals like solvents, UV absorbers, aluminium, chlorides, biphenols, and chemical estrogens. The latter are very worrying when you realize that natural hormones work at extremely low concentrations. Rising levels of infertility are being increasingly blamed on the plastic that surrounds our food and drink, as are cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

And, finally, the big price hike – due to the ecotax (or green tax), since 1 Jan. 2005, on PET bottles – swings the argument sharply in favour of glass, doesn't it?

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