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Plundering the deep sea

Albatrosses that follow a trawler, many to their death, caught in the nets.

The plundering of the waters around the South Pole is nothing new. Lots of fishing goes on in Antarctica for the Patagonian hake, that can grow up to 2 metres in length. This is on the point of becoming extinct. Just like other deep sea populations, the Australian hake and the golden kingklip that are also threatened with extinction.

Industrial deep sea fishing is unethical. 50% of all this type of fishing is illegal, usually with longlining ships, which with their bird bycatch are responsible for the extinction of 17 of the 24 species of albatross. These longlining ships sometimes drag lines up to 130 kilometres long with hooks carrying bait and fishing lines that snare not only albatrosses in but also sea turtles, dolphins, sharks that all die.