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33 photos that perfectly illustrate the impact of pollution in China, climate change and global warming.

Because China's economy is growing at an incredible pace, a huge number of polluting factories are built in the country. They emit unbelievable quantities of polluted air, while waste is only cursorily treated. Meanwhile, much wastewater generated by the factories is dumped into rivers and many millions of Chinese, especially in the large cities, use cars. Highways are congested, and it seems as if things will only get worse.

One would struggle to find a Chinese city that is not confronted with major environmental problems. From its Beijing headquarters the Chinese government monitors 74 cities, 71 of which do not satisfy the standards for a healthy environment. Moreover, when it is assessed using European standards, Beijing itself is as good as uninhabitable for people.

China promises to improve the environment and combat climate change

China has promised to improve, a promise that was reiterated in March 2015 by Premier Li Keqiang in order to tackle the chronic pollution that the country has had to deal with for years. The extent to which the damage could be undone remains a mystery.

The photos below show the terrible state of China when it comes to its environment. They are shocking because it is clear from these photos that humanity often simply ignores the environment. When will we realise that our job is to actually protect this planet?

Photos that illustrate the pollution and the consequences of global warming in China

Global warming and pollution have caused a surge in algae

The Jianhe River is red from pollution

Air pollution has created a near nuclear winter

VPollution and algae defiles the water

Millions of litres of oil were spilled in China, with fullscale environmental disasters on the rise

Smog is the worst kind of pollution in China

Algal growth is due to pollution and global warming

A polluted river in the city of Zhugao in Sichuan

Pollution from oil and gas incidents in China

Dumped wastewater pollutes the rivers

Smog affects everyone; a major pollutant

Water pollution caused by people dumping trash in rivers

You can barely see the water for the algae

Air pollution and polluted wastewater caused by coal burning

Deaths caused by air pollution in China

Waste is sent to China

Doing the laundry in polluted water

Co2 production in China is shockingly high

In Dalian a fisherman wades through oil; water pollution

Pollution in the suburbs and playgrounds in China

The majority of the most polluted cities are in China

Polluted water is killing fish in China

China's rivers and lakes are highly polluted

Algae is taking over the water in China

Air pollution stands in dramatic contrast to European standards

It's almost impossible to find clean and wastefree water in China

Diseased fish from pollution and algae in China

Diseased fish from pollution and algae in China

A dust mask and safety glasses protect the wearer from the poisonous air

Asia Water Project: 90% of Chinese groundwater is poisoned

The smogladen air causes poor visibility

Clean water is running out in China

Smog and fumes in China

These images are from National Geographic, Business Insider and CBS

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