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Véronique Vynck and Ludo Slaets of health centre Vitruvius our fan of Amanprana

High-quality products for a healthier lifestyle

Veronique Vynck and Ludo Slaets of health centre Vitruvius are fan of AmanpranaThe Vitruvius Health Centre offers a range of activities to promote good health. At our cookery workshops we only work with fresh, organic seasonal vegetables and high-quality products which correspond to our norms of ethically responsible nutrition. This is why we enjoy working with Amanprana products. Healthy coconut oil, red palm oil, mild flavoursome olive oils and delicious Gula Java are all ingredients from our natural kitchen. They are 100% organic, fairtrade and made with respect for people and the environment. Their concept is in complete accordance with our way of thinking and doing business. In our other activities we also enjoy making use of the extensive Amanprana range. Nourishing Omega oils, cleansing coconut fibres and vitalising teas are an indispensable component of all the events in the Vitruvius Health Centre.

Amanprana body care

For our well-being massages, we only use natural oils, free of chemical fragrances and other harmful, toxic substances. But many people are not used to the scent of these natural oils. This is why I went looking for a healthy while at the same time gloriously scented alternative and discovered the Amanprana body care products, a range that fully meets my requirements. The Amanprana care products are nutritious and restore and replenish the skin's elasticity and moisture, which is why they are also suitable for very dry skin types. The result is incredibly soft skin. In addition, there is a choice of delightfully scented natural fragrances. With our Sauna & Sana formulas we spoil you with the lavender, rose and jasmine facial oil, body oil and scrub.

The Vitruvius Health Centre uses Amanprana because it is a name that stands for pure quality and responsible business. At Amanprana doing business is about more than just striving for profit. Fairtrade and taking care of the environment are two important pillars in their policy. We share this philosophy!

More about Vitruvius Health Centre:
http://www.maisonvitruvius.be/nl/ (website in Dutch/French)

More about Ludo Slaets, chef and author of the book "Gezond en biologisch koken" (Healthy Organic cookery):
(website in Dutch)

Model Miranda Kerr Coconut oil contains fatty acids that make the skin and hair soft and glossy