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Attila Hildmann, the vegan chef. The path to healthy food and healthy living

Attila Hildmann, vegan chef and proponent of healthy food and healthy living Chef Attila Hildmann is the latest sensation in the vegan world. Who is he and what path did the young chef take to get him to where he is? How does his vision and lifestyle match Amanprana’s vision?

Fourteen years ago Attila Hildmann’s father had a heart attack, proving to be a major event in Attila’s life. His father died, and doctors declared he had suffered from high cholesterol, a very common Western ailment. The experience led Attila to swear that he would always do everything he could to lower his own cholesterol and live a healthy lifestyle – a choice that Amanprana backs wholeheartedly. Amanprana sees food as medicine, and it is never too late to start on a healthy life.

From vegetarian to vegan

He started to lead a vegetarian lifestyle, cutting out all meat from his diet. He also took up exercise and became more aware of his impact as a person upon the planet. But after a while he noticed that his cholesterol was not lower, but was actually rising. How was that possible? When he swore off meat he went in search of alternatives, and he often used dairy products as a substitute. This was why his cholesterol levels were skyrocketing. And so he decided to become a vegan, eliminating all animal products from his diet. Amanprana’s range of products fit a vegan lifestyle perfectly, as all our products are vegan. From our coconut oil to our matcha and from our omega oil to our coconut blossom sugar – all our products are 100% plant-based.

Attila Hildmann’s vegan cookbook, delicious and creative vegan recipes

Vegan chef Attila Hildmann with a microphone and a glass of green matchaThanks to his new lifestyle, Attila suddenly found himself focussing greatly on eating and cooking, and that soon paid off. He reached his ideal cholesterol level and lost 35 kilograms, and today he shines as a fitness model. By writing down his newly discovered and comprehensively tried and tested recipes, he soon built up a collection – one that he wanted the world to discover too. That became Attila Hildmann’s first cookbook – Vegan Kochbuch Vol. 1 – and more were to follow, packed with vegan recipes for every day or for weekend feasts. His vegan recipes also include products that can be found in the Amanprana range of products, such as Matcha, a tea full of antioxidants. We also love to share healthy vegan recipes with you, and we hope they act as a guide towards a healthy lifestyle, showing you how many delicious dishes you can make with good and healthy ingredients.

Veganism is a hot topic and Attila is happy to act as a representative of this lifestyle. He inspires his fans with regular videos uploaded to his own YouTube channel, he has a wide range of challenges on his Facebook page that he has completed, and he also appears on television to talk about the importance of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. He does this to inspire others to follow in his footsteps – creating a healthier world together. Amanprana pursues this goal not only through healthy food but also through healthy bodycare products. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

Vegan for Fit and the Vegan Challenge

He has authored cookbooks and also books dealing with veganism, such as his book Vegan for Fit, in which he explains how one can eat as a vegan for 30 days. This Vegan Challenge gives you the opportunity to discover what it is like to live a vegan lifestyle. With the aid of creative and delicious vegan recipes as well as clarification on a vegan lifestyle, you will be inspired to participate in the Vegan Challenge.

If you’d like to know more about Attila Hildmann’s opinion of Amanprana products, see which products he believes are indispensible here.

He has authored cookbooks and also books dealing with veganism, such as his book Vegan for Fit, in which he explains how one can eat as a vegan for 30 days