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Champagne is Champagne
and Cava is Cava

Comparing a Cava with Champagne really is somewhat wrong. They are different regions with different types of grapes and a different climate. There are excellent Champagnes and those of lower quality. The same goes for cava.

The key is growing your own grapes. A winemaker can only obtain high-quality grapes with personality with thorough knowledge and by managing his own vineyard. That is what sets you apart from the others. Those who grow their own grapes are an absolute minority in this world. A large majority buy their grapes from cooperatives and smaller producers who sell them their grapes. This explains why some smaller producers and especially those who grow their own grapes make exceptional Cavas. Today, Privat is one of those exceptional smaller Cava production houses with its own vineyard.

Harvesting the grapevines
Harvesting the grapevines

Alta Alella grape harvest – always hand-picked and packed in small boxes
Alta Alella grape harvest:
always hand-picked and packed in small boxes

Alta Alella Privat Cava and Wine, sparkling with a Catalan temperament