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Splitting open the coconut fruit is the start of the production process for both deodorised and extra-virgin coconut oil.
▲ Alfred Vogel: ‘I am convinced that nature provides us with everything we need for protecting and conserving our health.’ ▲ Splitting open the coconut fruit is the start of the production process for both deodorised and extra-virgin coconut oil. From that point onwards, there is not the slightest similarity. Know what you eat.

Huge difference between extra-virgin and organic deodorised coconut oil

Copra with fungi for deodorised coconut oilDeodorised coconut oil is made of ‘copra’. In Asia, small companies dry the coconuts in the sun or smoke it into copra. You can smell the overwhelming copra scent from afar. It is walked on by chickens, birds, goats and dogs. The humid climate and rainfall slow down the drying process, causing it to mould and ferment. The copra is brought to a factory where it is then pressed, refined, bleached and deodorised. Nothing seems to indicate that this deodorised coconut oil originates from stinking, mouldy, unhygienic copra. Amanprana witnessed this in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, … The high temperatures from the pressing process caramelise the sugars that connect with the proteins (Maillard reaction). Next, the coconut oil, browned in the process, is bleached through carbon filters. Using high-pressure steam, the smell is removed from the oil. Freshly shaved coconut for extra-virgin coconut oilThe process is cheap because huge volumes can be produced without any consideration for health. After all, the refining process not only kills the fungi and bacteria, it also destroys countless nutrients.

Extra-virgin coconut oil starts from freshly peeled and subsequently ground coconuts, immediately left to dry in drying cabinets at a low temperature. The dry shredded coconut is then cold-pressed into extra-virgin coconut oil (VCO extra).

The advantages of extra virgin
coconut and palm kernel oil:

1. Both coconut and palm kernel oil contain many healthy MCTs. These are medium-length chains of fatty acids that are hardly stored as fat but mainly provide extra energy
2. They are very easy to digest and are particularly suitable for people who have trouble digesting fats.
3. They improve calcium and magnesium intake as well as the intake of all fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and of 600 different carotenes as they appear in nearly all vegetables.
4. They improve the intestinal flora, support the walls and aid digestion. There is nothing better for troublesome bowels.
5. They decrease the feeling of hunger and hunger fits, contain fewer calories than other oils and increase the burning of calories.
6. They give you a nice appearance and keep you young.
7. They care for your teeth because of their MCT fats.
8. They lower the glycemic index of food because of which there are fewer mood and sugar level fluctuations. It therefore fits perfectly in a low-sugar diet.
9. They improve endurance and are especially suitable for endurance athletes.
10. They contain large amounts of lauric acid, also capric, caprylic, capron and myristin acids that increase resistance and fight bad beasties*.
11. Ideal as a massage oil, lubricant, toothpaste, natural deodorant and used a great deal for body and hair care.
12. Coconut and palm kernels are ideal carriers for ethereal oils. The molecular structure of coconut and palm kernel oil is far more simple than that of other oils. An ethereal oil mixed with coconut or palm kernel oil as a carrier allows for faster and deeper penetration into the skin. As a result, ethereal oils have a faster and better effect. That effect is further enhanced by caprine, caprylic, caproic and myristic acids from the coconut and palm kernel oil.

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