Noble House was founded in 1990 by Bart Maes & Chantal Voets and originated from Hippocrates’ philosophy “Nutrition as medicine”, because healthy food stands for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Organic nutrition as the essence of health with respect for nature, animals and people is the thread that binds all of the Noble House brands.

Discover our Brands:

Brandicon - Amanprana


Amanprana is serene vitality in nutrition and body care.

Mainimage - Amanprana

All products are 100% organic and natural. Manufactured with respect for humans, animals and the earth.

Brandicon - Bertyn


Seitan from Bertyn is the ideal meat and fish substitute: High in protein, low in carbohydrates & low in fat.

Mainimage - Bertyn

The authentic seitan from Bertyn is ideal for the vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian of all ages. Due to its high protein content and low calorie content, this seitan is also ideal for athletes.

Brandicon - Pineo


Pineo is naturally-arising natural mineral water from the Spanish Pyrenees.

Mainimage - Pineo

Pineo tastes unique. A combination of history and source means that every water has its own story.

Brandicon - Cocos Love

Cocos Love

Coconut oil from Cocos Love is the mild hero for growing up healthy.

Mainimage - Cocos Love

Cocoslove coconut oil is a premium coconut oil. What that means is that only top quality coconuts are used for the coconut oil, and that Cocoslove coconut oil is brimming over with high quality nutrients: vitamins A, D, E and K, polyphenols, lecithin, carotenoids and minerals.

Brandicon - Kokovita


Kokovita coconut oil is organic, deodorized and only available in glass.

Mainimage - Kokovita

Kokovita coconut oil is deodorized coconut oil made from fresh coconuts of premium quality for a low price.