Noble House was founded in 1990 by Bart Maes & Chantal Voets and originated from Hippocrates’ philosophy “Nutrition as medicine”, because healthy food stands for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Organic nutrition as the essence of health with respect for nature, animals and people is the thread that binds all of the Noble House brands.

Discover our Brands:

Brandicon - Amanprana


Amanprana is serene vitality in nutrition and body care.

Mainimage - Amanprana

All products are 100% organic and natural. Manufactured with respect for humans, animals and the earth.

Brandicon - Bambu© Salz

Bambu© Salz

Unique Korean Bamboo Salt, roasted 1x, 2x & 9x

Mainimage - Bambu© Salz

Unique Korean bamboo salt roasted 1x, 2x and 9x times! Bamboo salt from Bambu© Salz is unrefined sea salt that is enriched by a natural process with the minerals from bamboo and red mountain clay. It has a high concentration of minerals and 100% organic!

Brandicon - Cocos Love

Cocos Love

Coconut oil from Cocos Love is the mild hero for growing up healthy.

Mainimage - Cocos Love

Cocoslove coconut oil is a premium coconut oil. What that means is that only top quality coconuts are used for the coconut oil, and that Cocoslove coconut oil is brimming over with high quality nutrients: vitamins A, D, E and K, polyphenols, lecithin, carotenoids and minerals.

Brandicon - Goldate


Sweet the way nature intended

Mainimage - Goldate

We just love love love love love dates! We launched Goldate with a mission to build a brand around one of the most nutritious, delicious and sustainable substitutes for refined white sugar, the small-but-all-mighty Date Fruit, packed with nutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

Brandicon - Kokovita


Kokovita coconut oil is organic, deodorized and only available in glass.

Mainimage - Kokovita

Kokovita coconut oil is deodorized coconut oil made from fresh coconuts of premium quality for a low price.

Brandicon - Pineo


Naturally-arising mineral water from the Spanish Pyrenees

Mainimage - Pineo

Pineo tastes unique. A combination of history and source means that every water has its own story.