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Noble House / Amanprana Disclaimer

By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the general terms and conditions set out below.
Website disclaimer

Noble House NV, hereinafter referred to as Noble House NV, hereby grants you access to the website www.noble-house.tk, where it publishes text, images and other materials for information purposes.

Noble House NV reserves the right to amend the content or remove sections of the website without notice at any time.

The information provided on www.noble-house.tk is intended to be non-binding and is not a concrete offer to enter into an agreement. An agreement is created only by acceptance of an offer designated as such by Noble House NV.

Noble House NV is not in any way responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information on www.noble-house.tk and/or in other electronic communications such as emails, and furthermore it accepts no liability for damage of any kind which may result from actions and/or decisions based on that information. You are strongly advised not to use this information in isolation but to rely on your own knowledge and experience to evaluate the information to be used.

Noble House NV will endeavour to ensure that the content of www.noble-house.tk is updated and/or added to as often as possible. In spite of our best endeavours and attention, it is possible that the content may be incomplete and/or inaccurate.

The products offered for sale on www.noble-house.tk are offered without any form of guarantee or claim of accuracy. These products may be changed at any time without prior notice by Noble House NV.

In particular, all prices on www.noble-house.tk are subject to programming and typographical errors. Noble House NV accepts no responsibility for the consequences of such errors. No agreement will be created on the basis of such errors.

Under no circumstances will Noble House NV accept responsibility for hyperlinks included on www.noble-house.tk to the websites or services of third parties.
Medical disclaimer

The information provided on this website, in email correspondence or over the telephone is not intended as a substitute for services or information provided by trained medical or other professionals and/or healthcare institutions, such as general practitioners, medical specialists, emergency medical assistance services, acute and non-acute mental health care facilities, physiotherapists and psychotherapists. Neither the information on this website nor any use you may make of it may be regarded as a substitute for assistance, care, support or provision of information by any medical or other professional. The information provided is general information. It is not intended as a tool to help you make a diagnosis or self-diagnosis. Furthermore, the information is not specifically directed at any individual person or any specific medical situation.

In a number of cases, the information contains advice. Under no circumstances does this advice constitute direct medical advice, nor does it ever specifically relate to the individual medical situation of the reader or recipient of the information.
General Terms & Conditions

All information which Noble House NV communicates via the website and via other electronic means such as email is used and applied at your own risk. No guarantee is given that the information supplied is correct.

Noble House NV cannot be held liable for any harm caused to your health or any other material or non-material damage which may result from the use of this website or the application of the advice on this website in general or in any emails sent by Noble House NV.

All intellectual property rights concerning these materials are held by Noble House NV.

The copying, distribution or other use of these materials is not permitted without written permission from Noble House NV, except and only to the extent provided in binding regulations (such as the “right to quote”), unless otherwise indicated for specific material.

This disclaimer may be amended from time to time.

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