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Amanprana and Fair Trade. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and being green

Fair trade is more than corporate social responsibility, sustainability and being green

When you choose Amanprana you are choosing to create opportunities for the local population. While we may not be perfect, we are doing our best to keep going in the right direction. A part of this involves trying to always buy our ingredients in an ethical manner.

CSR for coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut flour, vanilla and cacao. Fair Trade without Ecocert

Our coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut flour, vanilla and cacao are all Fair Trade. While the well-known association Ecocert used to certify us, we have now created our own Fair Trade Charter. This is because many Fair Trade organisations have become unaffordable. By composing our own Fair Trade Charter, we have set the bar very high for ourselves. One of the aspects of this involves employing 300 families in Sri Lanka and the Philippines for our coconut project.

Amanprana does not own plantations. Helping developing nations through Fair Trade

Amanprana has opted not to own plantations. We believe that foreign-owned plantations contribute to poverty in developing countries. Gardens and lands belonging to families also frequently supply the food those families require. In exchange for the land, they are paid a wage that they must use to buy their food. The profits made by Western companies are taken out of the developing nation. The Amanprana Fair Trade project ensures that around 300 families in the Philippines and Sri Lanka are employed.

Fair Trade Fund. Giving back to the world, being ecologically and sustainably responsible through extended partnerships

There was a time when we paid a great deal of money to inspection bodies simply so that we could be certified Free Trade. But today we are investing that money in the Fair Trade Fund. Moreover, 5% from all purchases of our Fair Trade products – as opposed to the previous 3% - now also goes to the Fund. So what is this money used for? For healthcare, the environment, purchasing production equipment, education, infrastructure and also for guaranteeing a minimum price paid for the products. This is how we are working on a long term partnership from which all parties will gain.

Amanprana coconut oil, coconut flour, vanilla and cacao are Fair Trade