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Amanprana and Fair World. Farmers in central Java and coconut blossom sugar – most sustainable sugar

Amanprana and Fair World. Coconut blossom sugar production supports families in central Java

Amanprana’s  coconut blossom sugar is Fair World. Amanprana works together with Lestari Mandiri and Hivos for this purpose. Hivos is a humanitarian organisation that aims to create a fair, sustainable and free world with equal opportunities for women. Lestari Mandiri is an association that fights for the interests of farmers and their families in central Java, creating great projects that revolve around human rights. We call this Fair World. At Amanprana we work together with farming associations in central Java that check the harvesting and production processes for our coconut blossom sugar. These processes are all conducted in accordance with the Fair World principle. Together with Organic Alliance we are aiming to supplement the incomes of 850 families in Indonesia and also ensuring that their natural habitat is preserved.

H2 Coconut blossom sugar is the most sustainable sugar. Through Amanprana you support families in central Java

Fortunately we are not the only ones, and coconut blossom sugar has been called the most sustainable sugar in the world by the Voedsel-en Landbouw Organisatie FAO. That’s something we are truly proud of! And so, when you buy a jar of coconut blossom sugar you know that you are helping a good cause, certainly if it is Amanprana coconut blossom sugar!

Gula Java coconut blossom sugar is Fair World, partnerships with Hivos and Lestari Mandiri