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Sea First Foundation and Amanprana. Working together with Dos Winkel to preserve the oceans and fight pollution

Amanprana supports Sea First Foundation through contributions against pollution and increasing awareness through Save the Sea

Amanprana is a sponsor of the Sea First Foundation. It was founded in November 2007 in the Netherlands as a foundation, and in June 2010 in Belgium as a non-profit association. The foundation was set up because of the realisation that the oceans are in grave danger, with serious consequences for animals, plants and humans. The Sea First Foundation fights to create a better world where people recognise the oceans as an essential component of life on the planet. Action must be taken to protect and cherish our oceans.

Amanprana regularly publishes articles on Save the Sea, hoping to increase awareness about the issue. Aside from helping make people more aware on the influence of the oceans, Amanprana also financially supports the Sea First Foundation

Dos Winkel and Amanprana's Sea First Foundation, working together to keep the oceans and marine life healthy