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Sustainable Amanprana packaging – glass instead of plastic, environmentally friendly paper and no samples

Amanprana uses sustainable glass packaging with sustainable environmentally friendly paper. No samples

At Amanprana we use glass instead of plastic and – where possible – print with vegetable ink on environmentally friendly paper. We pay much attention to ecological and healthy packaging, as we believe in taking the whole together, not the parts. That is also why our products are as unprocessed as possible. During production too, we try to consider the environment at every step.

Why use glass packaging? Glass packaging is better for you and better for the environment

Products packaged in glass are not only better for your health, they are better for the environment too. That’s because glass is made from natural materials and does not contain any of the poisonous substances you find in plastic bottles, such as vinyl chloride and dioxins. Those substances are released into the environment when plastic is burnt. Moreover, glass degrades.

Glass packaging as well as sustainable labelling, FSC cardboard boxes and organic glue

The labels and boxes for the Amanprana products are made from organic paper and the labels from cane fibre, which comes from the waste generated by cane sugar plantations. What this means is that the sugar is extracted from the plant, after which the fibre is used to make the paper, so no trees are felled or agricultural land sacrificed. It is also sustainable because the material only requires minor processing to turn it into paper, keeping it as close to its natural state as possible and making it easily compostable. Together with the organic glue we use to keep the labels on the glass jars, the end-result is an attractive, effective and environmentally friendly label that fits within Amanprana’s strategy of sustainability.

The production process, maintenance and  FSC paper. Amanprana goes a step further than sustainable packaging

During production we also try and take the environment into account. For example, where possible the cleaning products we use both in production and elsewhere are plant-based. All the paper used for our cardboard boxes is FSC approved, does not contain unnecessary printing and is shredded, if possible, and used to protect products during shipping.

Amanprana does not provide samples or testers

Aside from our sustainable packaging, Amanprana does not make samples available either. We chose not to do this because it not only saves on packaging, but it would also mean that another production process would have to be created over and above the one for the products we sell. But because we understand that you, the customer or potential customer, would still like to try our products, there are products available at a wide range of points of sale that can be tested then and there. Just ask at the shop whether they are available

Glass packaging, Amanprana's ecological packaging