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Amanprana’s cycling scheme. Amanprana backs cycling to work. Ordinary bikes, folding bicycles and electric ones are all available

Amanprana supports cycling to work. The cycling scheme makes bicycles cheaper

Wherever possible, Amanprana tries to play its part in preserving the planet. The well-being of our staff is also an important factor in this, as congestion, traffic jams and long commuting hours all play a role in creating stress and poor health. Another factor is the time wasted. This is why Amanprana aims to put its staff firmly in the saddle when it comes to commuting to work in a healthier way – a healthy body and a healthy spirit.

Flemish Region cycling scheme for favouring the bike. The Cycling scheme is perfect for Amanprana

In October 2013 Amanprana submitted a successful application for the Pendelfonds (Commuter Fund) for the Flemish Region. Through the fund Amanprana hopes to encourage employees who live within 5 km of work to cycle there, and encourage those who live further than 5 km away to cycle more often. Amanprana wants to get everyone to commute by bicycle as much as is possible.

The application was submitted for 32 employees. This is the entire Amanprana workforce, including administrative and office staff, warehouse staff, production employees and sales reps.

Commuting by bike for your health. The cycling scheme was welcomed at Amanprana

Many of Amanprana’s staff are very conscious of their health, and so they were quickly convinced of the idea of commuting by bicycle when they had the opportunity to obtain and maintain a bicycle at favourable terms. The distances that employees commute range from just around the corner to 50 km.  

Bike storage ,showers, lockers, folding bikes, electric bikes and standard bicycles are all available

Thanks to the subsidies, there are a greater number of opportunities for employees to get to work while getting healthy, and a number of modifications will also be introduced in the company itself. There will be better bicycle storage, as well as a shower so that staff can start work feeling fresh and there will be additional lockers for storing equipment and clothing.

Folding bicycles will be available for the reps, who are often on the road, allowing them to drive to the outskirts of a city, park the car and get to the client’s by bike. This means they avoid all the congestion and the struggle to find parking in cities


At Amanprana the cycling scheme was well-received, biking to work From electric bike to a folding bicycle, there are plenty of options through Amanprana's cycling scheme