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5 good reasons why Amanprana selected .tk as its domain name.

The .tk domain name represents the Tokelau islands (a part of the Polynesian group) and the coconut is the original food for the .tk islanders.

The islands of Tokelau are located 2,500 km north-east of Australia and 4,000 km north of New Zealand. Tokelau (.tk) is considered to be a part of Polynesia and belongs, together with its 1,500 inhabitants, to New Zealand. The islands have been inhabited since the 11th century. For centuries the primary food sources of the islanders of Tokelau have been coconuts and fish.

  1. Over the years the islanders of Tokelau have been participants in scientific population studies on multiple occasions.
  2. The domain name .tk is free. “Free domains for all” is one of the driving forces behind the partnership between the Tokelau authorities and the Dutch company Dot TK. Today there are 17 million .tk users and .tk domain names.
  3. Amanprana’s .tk sites are paid for, and a share of the money received from paid .tk domain names goes to the islanders as royalties.
  4. The fame of the domain name .tk has put Tokelau on the map and has meant that, thanks to those royalties, it is able to gain greater independence from New Zealand.
  5. The Tokelau atolls are laden with coconut trees, which Amanprana is in love with. And despite the influence of Western foods in the last few decades, the coconut remains the favourite food of the islanders today.

Amanprana’s coconut oil does not come from Tokelau, but predominantly from Sri Lanka. Eight years ago Amanprana endeavoured to create high-quality Polynesian coconut oil through a fair trade project in Samoa, but unfortunately the project did not meet Amanprana’s quality standards and it was abandoned, with great regret.

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