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Have we forgotten the connection between proteins, vitality and beauty?

It would seem so… Perhaps proteins are the nutrients that health experts, doctors and dieticians have most neglected in recent years. There are many different types of proteins – proteins for vitality and performance. The list of benefits is almost endless. That is what this book is all about.

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We will also explain why fish is not a good alternative to meat. We will look at a protein diet for losing weight and at proteins for strength training. Not only will you have more vitality, but you will also feel stronger, because these essential proteins increase your physical strength. This is logical: after all, everyone knows about the connection between proteins and bodybuilding. Few people, however, know which proteins you need and how many. This book will give you all the answers.

We have also devoted great attention to a 'champion' source of protein: seitan. Authentic seitan has been available in the West for many years in health food shops and the better supermarkets, but it has been used for a thousand years by Chinese and Japanese Zen Buddhists.

Healthy organic recipes Bertyn: simple Oriental braised seitan
Healthy organic recipes Bertyn the only authentic seitan satay with peanut sauce
Healthy organic recipes of Bertyn: hot Thai red curry and coconut with seitan

Seitan will feature prominently in this book, in forty delicious recipes. These recipes will take you on an exciting culinary journey through different tastes, aromas and countries (Italian, Indian, Moroccan, Thai, Greek, Japanese, etc.). What's more, the recipes are quick, easy and simply to prepare, including oven dishes, lasagne, salads, pasta, soup, etc. Ideal for everyday use - and all based on authentic seitan!

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Authors of book seitan Amanprana: Bart Maes, Chantal Voets, Serge Restiau