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Sebastian Copien and Amanprana. Permaculture, herbs and vegan food

Vegan chef Sebastian Copien savours Amanprana's herbs, packed with antioxidantsSebastian Copien is a German vegan chef who primarily uses natural, vegetarian and vegan ingredients. He concentrates on simple but delicious dishes, which he shares in his cookbooks. His best-known books are Die vegane Kochschule (The Vegan Cooking School) and Grün in allen Farben (Green in all Colours). Aside from Sebastian Copien’s careers as a chef and vegan cookbook author, he is also a nutritional coach and a vegetable gardener. And on top of that he is a speaker at seminars and he gives courses. His true speciality, however, is creating 100% vegetable meals, often from the herbs and vegetables that he grew himself.

The permaculture garden of vegan chef Sebastian Copien, plenty of herbsPermaculture: Sebastian Copien and Amanprana are great for the planet and people. Ecological and organic

Sebastian Copien grows his own vegetables, fruit and herbs using permaculture principles. The underlying idea is that the project is designed in such a way that it becomes its own ecosystem, and the garden exists largely to provide food.

Permaculture has three core tenets, all of which focus on ethics:

  • Care for the earth: All ecosystems must be able to develop.
  • Care for the people: people must be able to obtain what they need to live.
  • Return of surplus: balancing the inputs and outputs of a system

Amanprana is ethical and organic. Care for the earth and the people

Vegan chef Sebastian Copien cooks with Amanprana herbs, packed with antioxidantsAmanprana endorses the above points, and we also try and contribute to caring for the earth and its people. Amanprana was one of the first companies to introduce ecologically responsible packaging, and it uses the cradle-to-cradle principle. All of Amanprana’s products are certified organic and fair trade. Moreover, our head office is completely heated and lighted using solar and wind energy. For every litre of red palm oil sold, Amanprana buys a tree in a Colombian rainforest through the World Land Trust.

Sebastian Copien is a fan of Amanprana’s Orac Botanico herb mix, packed with antioxidants (view label)

Sebastian Copien is a true fan of Amanprana’s herbs - the Orac Botanico mix. He loves to cook with the mix, adding it to many of his dishes. Amanprana’s mixes contain no less than 9 different ingredients. This melange, which includes sumac berries, Khoisan fleur de sel, seaweed and herbs with extraordinarily high antioxidant levels (view label) are perfect for creating delicious and tasty meals. When you use only vegetables – go fullly vegan – then adding the right herbs is especially important for an unforgettably delicious meal.

Easy organic herb mix containing fleur de sel seaweed and sumac from Amanprana