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The Amanprana newsletter has one goal: improving your health. Once a month we'll send you a newsletter focusing on food as medicine, or elaborating on the benefits and types of natural health care products and cosmetics. Our newsletters will also include useful health tips, tips on how to "Save the Sea", a delicious recipe by one of the Amanprana chefs, and a link to more information about one of our products.

A newsletter titled "What you wouldn't eat, you shouldn't use on your skin" or a newsletter to help you test the safety of the cosmetics you're using every day, are meant to increase your awareness for your next shopping trip. What is the effect of water on your skin? How can you treat and feed your skin naturally and organically? Every Amanprana newsletter contains a wealth of information.

Cholesterol, high blood pressure, saturated fats … every day various articles with warnings and recommendations appear in the press. To know what our research and experience has led us to believe, you can read the Amanprana newsletter. We'll tell you, for instance, what the benefits are of red palm oil over the unhealthy white palm oil. We'll give you easy to apply tips for fighting off the winter blues or combating depression. We'll offer advice on how to get rid of a rowdy intestinal tract.

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