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Say goodbye to blackheads, spots, rashes and acne

Alana as a mild make-up remover and as a deep acting nourishing cleanser for your face, eye contour, lips, neck and décolletage.

A radiant complexion or spots, blackheads, rash…

What does your skin have to endure? Using hard water on your face, the wrong cosmetics, poor diet, dead skin cells, in-growing hair follicles which block the pores, illness, hormonal imbalance, bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, … often also nonchalance or forgetfulness: not cleansing thoroughly or regularly, leaving make-up on your skin overnight, using too many different products, or simply using too much of one kind of product. Manufacturers of facial cleansing products are also keen to emphasise via advertisements how your skin is constantly getting into trouble. Result: you no longer know how best to react to skin impurities.
The most important remedy for lacklustre skin or skin impurities is very simple: begin with a good skincare and cleansing regime. Supplement that with a healthy diet. How can cleansing help to make quick work of blackheads, acne, spots, inflammation of the skin etc.?  You will find out more further down. Don’t use hard (tap) water or water-based make-up removers.

Cleanse your skin with an oil-based make-up remover

Seriously reconsider to cleanse your skin daily with a vegetal oil instead of using hard waterSeriously consider cleansing your skin with a vegetable oil on a daily basis. Do you get goose bumps when you think about removing your make-up or cleansing your face with an oil-based cleanser?

Does the image of blocked pores, rashes or a face full of spots come to mind? Cleansing with oil is good for your skin. So it’s crazy to think that social influence has knocked that out of you.

Say goodbye to blackheads, spots, greasy or dry skin, acne

Your skin forms a buffer against the bacteria which can be the cause of blackheads, spots or acne. In order to do that, your skin creates a natural layer of oil. Every time you cleanse your skin, your skin repairs that layer, on condition that you treat it right. So: it’s better not to cleanse with aggressive cleansing products, such as a lot of soaps, cleansing pads or aggressive peels or with (only) water-based products. Your skin reacts in a different way: either it produces extra oil in order to compensate for the loss (greasy skin does that), or else it will no longer be able to produce enough oil (dry skin does that). Greasy and dry skin definitely benefit from the use of Alana. The oil in Alana helps cleanse your skin in the right way, because it reinforces your skin’s natural barrier (the epidermis). Alana helps your skin even more: this make-up remover is hydrating, nourishing, protective and restorative.

 Remove make-up and cleanse with Alana for a radiant complexion

Great, clear skin and a radiant complexion: with Alana that is not an impossible goal. And Alana is economical to use: for your daily cleansing ritual you only need a few drops on your cotton wool pad. Alana mildly and effectively removes all make up, deep cleanses and nourishes your skin. Alana adds just as much nourishing oil as your skin needs without leaving a shiny or 'greasy' layer behind. Your skin feels soft, fresh and deeply cleansed.

Alana Make-up remover
Alana Make-up remover
  • Clean and nourish in one
  • Hypoallergenic: for sensitive skin and eyes
  • Clean your skin without dehydrating it: no water or alcohol
  • Soothes and balances your skin
  • 0% chemicals, 0% alcohol, 0% parabens
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Say goodbye to blackheads, spots, rashes and acne. Say hello to Amanprana Alana