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Alana (beautiful): “Like dissolves like”

Like dissolves like, Amanprana Alana makeup removerWhen we speak of “like dissolves like”, we are talking of the principle of “oil removes oil”. If we are going to use oil to remove makeup, the oil will break down any other substance with a similar chemical structure, being the chemical bond that holds the substance together.

Many makeup removers often burn the eyes and consist of a large percentage of water, which has a drying effect on the skin. “Alana” makeup remover is the ideal alternative to gently remove makeup without rubbing, without damaging or drying the skin. In addition, the oil will condition the skin around the eyes, softening it while nourishing the eyelashes.

Shining is a social taboo...

Manufacturers and marketers of facial skincare products tell you that your face must be completely oil-free. The slightest trace of any shine is a social taboo, so it is fought by any and all means. But the more you degrease your skin by for example cleaning it, the more oil your skin will produce; the poor organ simply tries to save the day and you are just fighting it harder. Meanwhile, you just can’t understand what’s going on: The better you think you care for your skin, with the so-called 'good ', degreasing cleaners you find, the worse your skin becomes. How do you stop this vicious circle?

Remove your makeup with Alana by Amanprana

Simple, use Alana as a 100% oil cleanser. As the day progresses and your face is exposed to pollution, the skin’s layer of oil also solidifies and will clog your pores. When you then also cleanse with oil, the applied oil first softens the hardened layer again, making it easier to lift off the impurities (makeup, and such). But the same oil also does more than just cleansing; it also helps your skin to restore the natural oil balance and thus keeping the skin healthy. The more you pamper your skin instead of irritating it, the less it will overcompensate and the healthier it will remain.

Alana Make-up remover
Alana Make-up remover
  • Clean and nourish in one
  • Hypoallergenic: for sensitive skin and eyes
  • Clean your skin without dehydrating it: no water or alcohol
  • Soothes and balances your skin
  • 0% chemicals, 0% alcohol, 0% parabens
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Remove your makeup with Alana by Amanprana